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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    'The Fame' is back in the top 5 album chart.
  2. J1


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Latoya, is that you?
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Porcelana salesperson!
  4. LJB


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    It amazes me that even after someones autopsy details are leaked once and for all confirming vitiligo (aswell as his son having it), people still remain ignorant. Of course, such facts weren't given the yards of articles in tabloids the opposing fiction was.
  5. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Just to jump into the MJ thing, for whoever said no doctor would suggest de-pigmentation as an option, you might know that de-pigmentation is indeed offered for those patients with severe cases of vitiligo. It happens. So yes, doctors might suggest that. Some people might not enjoy to have blotchy skin for the rest of their lives.

    As for Gaga, hmm, this Joe thing intrigues me. I shall not judge it before I see it. Her outputs are always endearing and on top. Like sex, even when it's bad (Alejandro vid), it's still good (and better than what most artists have to offer these days).

    I just hope she doesn't choke on her ego until then.
  6. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I feel I need to apologise for my MJ comments to an extent.
    I want to reiterate that I understand what vitiligo is, and I do believe that he suffered from it, HOWEVER, it is the facial reconstruction work which he had done that really (for want of a better word) repulses me. He chose a typically "white" nose and chin, amongst other features. This had nothing to do with the unfortunate illness and is what shits all over his background.
  7. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I don't think you need to apologize Itty Bitty. We all know MJ has severe issues regarding his appearance. A friend of mine taught school in a village in Africa in the 90s. She did a lesson on how black people were world leaders, stars, etc - that they succeeded all over the world, that the world was not "white" but all colors. When she brought up Michael Jackson - even in a African village they knew him - a child raised his hand and said "Michael Jackson is white." My friend was like, "Errr no he isn't, he is light skinned." and then asked the other kids if they thought he was white and they did!

    I am not sure it was ever that he wanted to actually be white - I think he just wanted to not be himself. Or at least look like a female movie star of the golden age! None of this is an attack on him - he was a complicated person.
  8. dmc


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    While Gaga has always had an air of cockiness (or arrogance?) around her, the latest soundbites are way too big-headed to be anything other than something to do with the general direction of the new campaign when it emerges. I hope.

    Maybe she's recognising that, for the time being, she is practically pop's biggest name?
  9. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    She is, but there have been many female popstars who have had the pop world at their feet, some just as long as her and some even longer...but I've never seen one of them to be as cocky/arrogant, whatever you want to call it, as GaGa is know.

    Well that is not completely fair, Christina and Madonna where just as bad if not worse.
  10. dmc


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    No matter how up herself Gaga chooses to be on any given day, I do love the fact we haven't ever heard her arguing/feuding with other singers*.

    *If this isn't true don't burst my bubble. Please?
  11. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    No she hasn't...I will give her that.
  12. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    That is true, if anything, she has only ever praised other artists when asked about them.
  13. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Gaga isn't arrogant like Madonna (for example) was and is. She isn't that egoistical, she's way more generous and caring.  But  she thinks her work has changed the world, is incredibly good and can't be topped. I read a french interview where she said her music totally changed the type of music aired on the radio. I am not saying that what she said is totally wrong but the fact that she says it shows a lot of self-importance. She's now delusional (like many superstars become of course). She is clearly used to being praised by the media and the critics that she thinks she cannot do wrong.

    Back in the Just Dance days, she was cocky but in order to prove she was ambitious and self-confident. Now, she really thinks she's a genius (everyone around her must approve), I think she's started to take herself too seriously.
    We can't really blame her, she's a Superstar. Every superstar goes mad, sooner or later.
  14. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I would be interested to see direct quotes of this happening - usually she seems quite humble, and talks about her work in terms of vision ("I hope," "I think," "I want to," "I'm trying to") rather than statement of fact. She also talks in relation to her fans predominantly, rather than the general public. I can't say I've ever, and I'm speaking as someone who has met her as well as followed her career closely, stumbled across anything she's said where she seems deluded or self-important - she is keen and eager to credit, acknowledge and proclaim her love for her fans and the gay community that made her mainstream, at every possible opportunity.
  15. LJB


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    But her 'fans' are.. everyone. She's as commercial as you can get and her fans are just conformists, not people making a statement or whatever she tries to make out. She makes out like her fans are an exclusive little clique. Bullshit.

    Lady GaGa fans = general public.

    Token Britney/MJ [Delete as appropriate] reference: When he started with his 'I love my fans!' stuff post-80s his fans were an exclusive little clique. General public equalled J*cko slander, not Michael Jackson fans. This GaGa schtick is just air-headed nothingness. To me it translates to 'Thanks, world, for making me rich and famous!'
  16. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Oh brother. Why don't you dig something else out of your ass to harbor against her? At least she fucking thanks her fans and acknowledges their existence.
  17. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Ouch... I think that's too harsh. I would say there are a distinction between her fans and the general public.

    There are some people who I knew before they became big fans of Lady GaGa, and they do seem to feel very free to express themselves and are now more comfortable with themselves. The general public don't wear "GaGa" clothes, or do the monster paw walking down the streets, but just enjoy the music. Sure there's a level of conformity, but that exists among all fandoms.
  18. dmc


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Nice. Much better than what I would've come up with.
  19. LJB


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Fair enough then, but her fan fans/"Mons.." [I can't even type it without cringing] are just the same conformist gays that in the 80s would be behaving the very same way with Madonna paraphernalia wrapped around their necks. Sub-cultural conformity, if you will, dividing the casual from the apparently less than casual fans.

    I guess I don't find much exclusivity to GaGa fandom. Silly costumes and salutes.. I find it's merely one kitschy 'cool' little bandwagon, really. In one mind it's genius but I admire sincerity.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Monster Ball but in her little 'fan' episodes I just stood their dead-pan, wishing she'd shut up spewing her shit and sing another song about glitter and money to the general public of Nottingham.
  20. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Perhaps I'm totally wrong here and if so, apologies, but didn't you say that the Monster Ball made you feel more comfortable with the idea of coming out and that, no matter how cheesy (you personally may find it), if the 'Little Monster' thing can do that, it can't be all bad?
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