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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I would love a record in vein of this. Adore Chromatica but I am here for her exploring something more rock oriented
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  2. The way I knew this whole era had the potential to serve. The Bad Romance reference. The Rock Show 2018 version vibes. It's not even close to being a finished song but we have to worship.
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  3. It reminds me a bit of Miley's Plastic Hearts sound, which I would love Gaga to do a record like.
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  4. Her vocal on it is ridiculous. I don't know why she adopts the weird overly theatrical accent on certain songs. It's not pleasant.
  5. This is obviously a demo but it fucking slaps.
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  6. That has a lot of potential. I really want more songs in that style from Gaga.
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  7. Oh my. I ripped mashups of Gaga, L*na and Marina songs and complied them with the shoddiest artwork slapped onto it so I could play them on iTunes circa 2012 and you can bet your sweet A$$ this was on it.

    SLAP IT ON MY A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A̵͍͝$̴̤̀$̵̲͝ ̷͍͆Á̵̪$̷̞̃$̶͚̿ ̵͉͝A̷̩͋$̸̛͜$̴͎̚
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  8. RMK


    You can tell it's a rough demo, and there's nice aspects, but it just made me laugh a bit.
  9. Ok the demo slaps but can we just please delete those chipmunk sounds from music once and for all? You ain't no Alvin, hunni.
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  10. The demo has a lot of potential.

    I wonder how it leaked.
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  11. Sam


    There’s a lot to unpack.

    The 2016 pitched vocals, the syncopated guitar and then shades of the Sine From Above outro percussion in the latter half of the chorus. It all shouldn’t work, but does? Till It Happens To You-Ga back at it again with the bridge vocals too.
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  12. R92


    Oh man, the potential in that demo... It would’ve been nice to see her lean more towards that rockier sound after Joanne.
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  13. Seems like there’s more to come. Snippet of “Heiress”, The Fame Outtake, out there.
  14. Heiress sounds super fun from that snippet. Hopefully we get some leaks this Christmas!
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  15. Her sessions with Brian & Josh for that album are really the best of the bunch when it comes to her unreleased tracks, to be honest. That stomping, glam Scissor Sisters-esque sound suited her so well.
  16. I genuinely hope she hits up Mark again for the next album. It seems obvious to me that they’ve still got as-of-yet untapped potential creatively
  17. Wow, I just heard "We Could Be Lovers" and didn't expect it to be so good. The verses are amazing (the synths + melody combo is excellent) and the chorus really packs a punch. Yeah, those high-pitched vocals are unnecessary, but it's a demo, so I can't really fault it.
    It's a quite eclectic mix as a whole (the verses ring back to pre-Born This Way days, the chorus is very similar to "Joanne" and the theatrical vocals remind me of "ARTPOP"), but it works. It certainly sounds like an outtake from early "A Star Is Born" sessions, with prominent Mark Ronson production in the chorus, which is why it sounds like it was written for "Joanne".

    The "Heiress" snippet sounds so fun - I never thought we would get to hear it in full. It sounds quite similar to "Panty Party" and I love that one.
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  18. My hungry ass kii just wants to see “Dirty Ice Cream” and “Blueberry Kisses” officially released. Drooling over the idea of a demos/rarities compilation. It would be so easy, Goo.
  19. She’s mentioned this idea so many times. Her 10th anniversary would have been the perfect opportunity to compile some material from The Fame – A Star Is Born.
  20. How did nobody mention the Bad Romance reference?
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