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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I don’t even understand how you would be left with a medical bill for 70k when you are innocently walking your dogs and someone shoots you? Is that really the way the system works in the USA?
  2. If true, that is mortifying. Being forced to pay thousands to stay alive after being shot and robbed. Wtf.
  3. You get shot and you also go broke. Medical bills in America always send me.
  4. Yes, sadly. Honestly surprised it’s not more.
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  5. Yeah I've heard way worse for smaller operations / incidents.
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  6. nn it actually converts to almost $100K USD. Welcome to our broken healthcare system. People are leaving hospitals after surviving COVID with over $1M in medical bills
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  7. We even charge for the ambulance to come pick you up in the US. Health care is a privlege, not a right.
    .... Yay...
  8. Yup. We somehow manage to stay alive with a system that actively roots against us, and we spend the rest of our lives paying off horrendous medical bills. My best friend is doing clinicals and about to graduate and become a nurse, and the amount of times she's broken down sobbing to me because people straight up refuse life saving or life changing treatment because they can't afford's horrific.


    It sucks that Gaga even had to say anything about what she was doing for Ryan because people were going after her. I'm elated that her babies are safe and that Ryan's going to be ok physically. Still an awful situation, but ended so much better than I was fearing it would.
  9. Actually that is pretty normal though... They don't work for free. Here if you get picked up by one it is part of your 'personal' risk payment (a max of 200 or 400 or so per year) and anything over that is covered.
  10. An ambulance charge here is like $20,000–$50,000 dd
  11. All this talk about having to pay for ambulances and health care. Can’t relate.
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  12. Yeah not to mention “They don’t work for free” is a terrible argument for trying to justify charging people for a basic human right nn.
  13. Don't people in the US accept jobs just on the basis that they cover dental as it's so expensive otherwise?

    Here in Greece healthcare has always been free and it was only private docs that were non affordable in the 70s / 80s or so but with time so many people went to medical school (based on the promise of good money I guess) that now even private is affordable.

    Anyway healthcare should not be a privilege and certainly not a business.
  14. Yeah I got an ambulance ride to the hospital a few years back for an allergic reaction I had to a medication my doctor prescribed... $1.5k bill for a problem that was fixed by the benadryl I popped right before the paramedics arrived. It’s an absurd system.
  15. Oh wow?! I remember my friend was picked up by one here for being drunk and they charged his personal risk part of insurance and all that was it.

    Insurance and government pays a lot for healthcare care here, was the angle - not it's just not free tho.
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  16. Yeah. Our system pretty much holds extremely basic things over our heads in order to keep us working for scraps. Even the “free” stuff isn’t really free. You’ll usually end up paying one way or another.
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  17. What I don't understand is: where do Americans' taxes go to? I don't know how much a doctor or a nurse earns in America, but here in Italy everything in the public healthcare is covered by taxes. Private clinics are more efficient in some cases, but it's up to you to choose where to go. And the public system won't let you die on the streets because you can't afford an ambulance.
    Plus, even if America wants you to pay for it, what they charge is waaay to much. It's a damn car.
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  18. The military and police dd.
  19. And tax cuts for the ultra rich.
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