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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I smell an Oscar.
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  2. They look the perfect choices for their roles! Can't wait to watch this film.
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  3. I’ve never liked an IG post so fast in my life.
  4. Why does Adam Driver's body look like that in those pants ff
  5. I always think about this when I see Adam Driver
  6. BBL chic
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  7. Some of you haven’t seen him half naked in The Last Jedi and it shows.
  8. I think it's just baggy in the back like most ski pants are. But yeah, dat booty.
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  9. I finally bothered to read the plot synopsis for the film, I didn't realize Gaga is the lead role. oop
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  10. She looks very rich and very murderous. Let the hype begin.
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  11. Ahh it looks amazing.

  12. Yes I've never seen a Star Wars movie and I've received enough harrassment in my life for it!!!

    It's giving me FUPA
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  13. I'm ready for Gucci

  14. I’m so ready for the 100 hundred people in a room remix for their promo tour.
  15. "Making this film was different than A Star is Born because back then, only one person believed in me. Now the other 99 do too."
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  16. Wonder when the rumors that Gaga and Adam are actually in love in real life are going to start.
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  17. Never cause Adam Driver is an incredibly awkward person in real life nn.
  18. I’m screaming, I CAN HEAR THIS
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