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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. And it’s eeeeverything

    *whistle tones*
  2. I can’t get over how hysterical that photo is.
  3. Sam


  4. Another day, another serve from Lady GucciGa

    I'm gagging @ the second lewk
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  5. I'm very surprised at the speed Ridley Scott and the film are moving from location to location and shooting.
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  6. He's known to work fast! But yeah they do seem to be speeding through it.
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  7. Ridley is known to work fast. He's gonna start filming his Napoleon film (Kitbag) with Joaquin Phoenix right after he's done with House of Gucci dd. He also finished another movie with Adam Driver not so long ago, it's coming out this October.
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  8. I wonder if they’ll be done before the projected May date we originally heard they’d wrap. I didn’t realize he worked so fast.
  9. Bobby looks like he’s going to beat someone up dd

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  10. I'm dead at every Italian newspaper publishing daily articles about EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET MYSTERIOUS LADY GAGA MOVIE SHOOT that list every city, every neighbourhood, every street, every building the shooting is scheduled to take place at + what, how, why and what time they filmed + which hotels the cast and crew are staying at, and with plenty of pictures, videos and interviews.
  11. Sam


    Gaga when asked if she’ll resume Chromatica promo after filming

  12. Not with Cheek to Cheek 2 round the corner.

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  13. The set pics are giving me Edwina Currie biopic.
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  14. Well also considering it’s not a love story and rather a murdered my husband kind of story...
  15. Not me thinking he was in his 60s at most
  16. Well....

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  17. His wife being called JOANNE makes this even messier.
  18. The headline when you open the article being “No, they are not dating”. What kind of messy clickbait.
  19. First controversy of the era and the movie isn't even out. I'm confused...wasn't she calling her a genius and saying that she likes the fact that Gaga will be bringing her character to life on screen earlier this year?
    Also "respect" ummm?
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  20. Is anyone else kind of...nervous about her playing this woman
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