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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She still claims to be innocent but Gaga most likely portray her as guilty on the murdering of her husband. Patrizia most likely don't want to be portrayed as the villain of the movie or a horrible person. I don't think a personal relationship would be helpful unless they tell the story as she sees it. Lets just not forget that she hired the Italian mafia to kill her man out of vanity.
  2. It's just rich (well, ex-rich) white lady vanity!

    She repeats she's honored Gaga is playing her and that the looks she's serving on set are on point. She's just bitter a huge international production led by a famous Hollywood director invaded the city she lives in to make a movie about her life and has ignored her entire existence. To add insult to injury, she says, journalists keep pestering her about the movie, so she's constantly reminded of the shunning.

    All you need to know about Patrizia Reggiani is this: on the 14th year of her 26-year sentence, she was offered parole because of her exemplary behaviour as a convict but she refused to be released early from the San Vittore prison, which she calls Victor's Residence, on the grounds she would rather read books and water plants in jail than start to work for a living for the first time in her life. The first years of her detention, she was so desperate she tried to take her own life by using a bed sheet and was forced to sleep on the floor of her cell after being rescued because the prison wouldn't give her new bedding. But she became so good at the jail game she somehow convinced the warden to grant her exotic luxuries like a pet ferret. Her fellow inmates feared her, obeyed her and even imitated her style. She eventually decided to graciously accept the parole agreement she had previously declined to take better care of the after-affects of a brain cancer she had defeated. Her lawyer says prison couldn't change her, so she changed prison instead. Her first words as an employee and rehabilitated member of society were "and YOU should be my new bosses?"

    She's... an interesting woman to say the least.
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  3. Is she not still wealthy? I read she still got the money paid out to her.
  4. She keeps switching how she feels about this film, I can't keep up with her.
  5. I kind of have to stan.
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  6. NOT a pet ferret. Asia found playing her.
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  7. That's another... interesting situation. Her mother, a nouvelle riche who educated her daughter with the only values of social climbing, money hoarding and rich-husband hunting, managed to become the sole administrator of Reggiani's money while she was in jail. Reggiani has melodramatically declared for years to be "nullatenente", destitute and with zero assets. And when the mother died, not long ago, the coup de théâtre: she had erased her out of the will and given the 120 properties the family owned in Milan all to charity. Reggiani was left only with the portion of inheritance she was entitled to by law, part of which went as compensation to Maurizio Gucci's widow and the innocent doorman shot by the hitman.

    ALSO, Reggiani and her own daughters have been long engaged in a legal battle about the money Maurizio Gucci owed her pre-murder, something like 30 million euros. The daughters have been ordered by the judges to hand out their mother that little fortune but they refuse to comply and say "okay but our mom is a killer".

    It's... an interesting family to say the least.
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  8. It's such a twisted, twisty tale and I agree it should be handled with care. Sure, there is morbid fascination with the black widow, especially as the story is all about fashion and wealth but she is still a cold blooded killer so she can't be glamorized too much.
  9. So the Telephone continuation is happening after all!

  10. Daily onset pics of Gaga’s House of Gucci are the only thing keeping me alive these days.
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  11. Wait it took me a second nn
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  12. Sometimes it’s better not to meet them...
  13. SCREAM-
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  14. Oh, flop

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  15. Probably for the best considering a dodgy attempt at an accent can break a movie, but I was hoping for her Fame era European accent to resurface.

    Jared Leto did say he would be using an Italian accent in his interview with ET last week though, so maybe there’s more to the story.
  16. An interpretation of a person/character can be better than an imitation. Kirsten Dunst doesn't speak with a French accent (or the ever popular "it takes place in Europe so have a British accent!" approach) in Marie Antoinette and we still perfectly understand she's a French queen. We don't need to hear Italian accents in English to understand the characters are Italian.
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  17. I mostly just wanted to hear Gaga's attempt at it because her dramatically crying out, "the Germanottas!" in some acceptance speech during the ASIB press run was iconic and was very much giving

  18. An iconic period in her career. “GAUGA. LAYTEE GAUGA. FÆUM” lives in my head rent free to this day.
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