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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Wait it took me a second nn
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  2. Sometimes it’s better not to meet them...
  3. Oh my god

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  4. SCREAM-
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  5. Oh, flop

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  6. Probably for the best considering a dodgy attempt at an accent can break a movie, but I was hoping for her Fame era European accent to resurface.

    Jared Leto did say he would be using an Italian accent in his interview with ET last week though, so maybe there’s more to the story.
  7. An interpretation of a person/character can be better than an imitation. Kirsten Dunst doesn't speak with a French accent (or the ever popular "it takes place in Europe so have a British accent!" approach) in Marie Antoinette and we still perfectly understand she's a French queen. We don't need to hear Italian accents in English to understand the characters are Italian.
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  8. I mostly just wanted to hear Gaga's attempt at it because her dramatically crying out, "the Germanottas!" in some acceptance speech during the ASIB press run was iconic and was very much giving

  9. An iconic period in her career. “GAUGA. LAYTEE GAUGA. FÆUM” lives in my head rent free to this day.
  10. The accent was the thing I was worried about the most, but I wanted them to do it. Critics/The Academy love character transformations and when actors get lost into the character. It's a risk, but it could pay off well.

    Hopefully we'll get more tea about this cause Jared just said that he will be doing an Italian accent to portray Paolo Gucci some days ago.
  11. That's okay you guys, I'm sure she'll pull out some accents during the press tour.
  12. That doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe she's figured out some sort of Italian "Germanottas!" type accent. If it's just an Ally re-hash then... *whoopi okay*. She looks the part in everything I've seen so far though! It looks great.
  13. Haven't we suffered enough with American Crime Story: Versace, desperate face emoji? Wasn't convincing the world fettuccine Alfredo is a dish that exists already enough, Italian Americans?

    Considering the movie is based on a gruesome, deeply dark story that sounds too much like the plot of a telenovela already, having an American cast attempting whatever a generic, un-regional Italian accent is supposed to sound to foreign ears... It would certainly be camp. But maybe not the good kind. I mean, I keep imagining an Italian director filming a movie about the Sharon Tate murder that features only Italian actors and the dialogue, obviously in Italian, goes, "SÆTÀNĀH! SÆTÀNĀH! Vîvæh ił ðyævvølløw!" Just to give dimension to those folkloric Californian characters, you know? Make the fantasy MORE believable, right? That classic Wendy Windham sensation.

    Also, not to shock anyone, and this would deserve a lengthier discussion, but Italian Americans are... only symbolically Italian and very actively American. It's cute when Gaga gives us tidbits in Italian but like... cute for her! Certainly not good enough to snatch Oscar nominations! Learn to consistently pronounce that geminate T in your own surname, Stefania Giovanna, and then we'll talk.

    While we're on the topic: Ariana, please stop calling your grandma "nona". "Nona" means "ninth" in Italian. She's always like, "my ninth once told me...", "my ninth's fave song on the record is...", "I love my ninth so much", YOUR NINTH WHAT? BE EXPLICIT!
  14. Doesn't the fact that nation states are just legal constructs mean that nationality is as much only a symbolic metric as the cultural constructions of ethnicity? Either way, I'm just excited for the memorized speeches where Gaga says that not many know it but she's always thought of committing murder since the age of 9 and so the role was really a perfect fit.

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  15. This just reminds me of that quote where she said she would look at random people on the street and imagine what it’d be like to kill them and if it’d even be worth it dd
  16. IntrusiveThoughtsGa is my favorite era.
  17. Amazing that she and Madonna didn't get on for so long, this is literally something I could imagine M writing in the SEX book lhkfsadg
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  18. Gaga once bragged that they shared the same sense of humor, but I guess that wasn't the case

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  19. The ski slope eleganza photos have kept me hydrated. I love winter glamour.
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