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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It was just yesterday I was thinking about how her italo disco era would serve. Italo disco/disco is one of the very few things that got/are getting me through all the lockdowns so yes I would very much enjoy that kind of journey. I'm speaking this into existence, hens.
  2. 162521841_10158930176879089_3261648503214491326_n.jpg We are Adam and the cookie is Italodisco.
  3. I’m Patrizia: Music from and Inspired By the Film House of Gucci.

  4. Cover it Gaga.
  5. Although this is an entire collective fever dream, the idea of her doing something genuinely fun and carefree would feel so refreshing. It feels like the past few albums have taken a lot out of her to create, and combined with what’s going on in the world, it seems the opportune time to make something maybe a little bit...

    Give us those Italo Disco bops mum.
  6. I don’t think she’s capable of shutting that side of her off and doing a top to bottom “fun” record, unless she completely removes herself from it and basically just shows up to record vocals. Even an album like Chromatica, which many perceive as her on autopilot, is full of darkness and trauma dressed up for the club.
  7. Well yeah, I don’t think you could ever take her foot off the gas in terms of lyrical content, but just to see her have fun with the process as a whole would be nice. Whichever way you dice it, Chromatica isn’t especially... fun. There’s a lot of raw self analysis going on there and pretty heavy themes and she’s spoken openly about how hard it was to write. From a third party perspective I (guess) you can enjoy the sparkly shiny dance beats for what they are but it doesn’t feel like she’s having fun tonight much of a good time.

    If you pile on the chaos of the ARTPOP era, the family trauma she was toying with in Joanne and now the catharsis of Chromatica, she’s had quite a rollercoaster run of it. I think she seems in a genuinely good place (recent events notwithstanding) so I’d be interested to see how that translates - in general the world feels maybe a little more optimistic for the future at this point, so it would be nice for something more uplifting. I don’t think it’s necessary for every major release to always have something “important” to say, just having fun with it is ok sometimes too. Basically just bottle up her MET Gala appearance.
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  8. I don’t disagree, it’d be nice if we knew she wasn’t carving her chest cavity open and laying it all out in the studio. I guess I just believe she actually enjoys operating from a particular space, like it’s fun and cathartic for her, even though when retelling these stories about the process it can seem like she didn’t have any fun at all from an outside POV.
  9. Well its here and its prettier than Chromatica (not really an achievement but still dd)

    Dead @ another era of her leaking before they even managed to properly announce it.
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  10. The black border utterly ruins this for me ff
    I would love it otherwise.
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  11. What was it?
  12. Cheek To Cheek II's vinyl

  13. Here's a separate thread dedicated to "Cheek to Cheek", which is re-opened for the second record, so you can continue the discussion there.
    (I like the artwork so far, by the way)
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  14. The person who leaked it is a guy from my country that sells vinyls and he didn’t even know it’s not released yet. He sold 2 copies today and says he might have another one. I’m screaming.
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  15. I pray he's not from Czechia after our last year's leaking Chromatica cover/playlist/individual track details debacle.
  16. No worries, this time Serbia takes the crown!
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  17. Also....
    The author of the book which the screenplay is based on did an interview last summer, and apparently the script was written from the POV of Patrizia. So...Gags might be narrating the movie.

  18. This is the manifesto of Patrizia Reggiani.
  19. So Gaga is the MAIN main character. Okay, work. The whole film rides on her. It’ll make for an interesting awards season as she’ll be everywhere again.

  20. Not Twitter gays coming back with 7-year-old tea to finally get justice.
    Burn him and his Pokemon cards too!
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