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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Well its here and its prettier than Chromatica (not really an achievement but still dd)

    Dead @ another era of her leaking before they even managed to properly announce it.
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  2. The black border utterly ruins this for me ff
    I would love it otherwise.
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  3. What was it?
  4. Cheek To Cheek II's vinyl

  5. Here's a separate thread dedicated to "Cheek to Cheek", which is re-opened for the second record, so you can continue the discussion there.
    (I like the artwork so far, by the way)
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  6. The person who leaked it is a guy from my country that sells vinyls and he didn’t even know it’s not released yet. He sold 2 copies today and says he might have another one. I’m screaming.
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  7. I pray he's not from Czechia after our last year's leaking Chromatica cover/playlist/individual track details debacle.
  8. No worries, this time Serbia takes the crown!
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  9. Also....
    The author of the book which the screenplay is based on did an interview last summer, and apparently the script was written from the POV of Patrizia. So...Gags might be narrating the movie.

  10. This is the manifesto of Patrizia Reggiani.
  11. So Gaga is the MAIN main character. Okay, work. The whole film rides on her. It’ll make for an interesting awards season as she’ll be everywhere again.

  12. Not Twitter gays coming back with 7-year-old tea to finally get justice.
    Burn him and his Pokemon cards too!
  13. Bloodpop?
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  14. This is gif worthy
  15. Today's look was my fave so far. Truly serving "I just killed my boyfriend husband".
  16. RJF


    "This film has been Lady Gaga's passion project for a long time."

    So that's where the passion was!
  17. [​IMG]

    We love a sequel.
  18. At least she's serving again.
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  19. Someone needs to remind him that he would go on to write This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things with her.
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