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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Still my favorite cover of hers and I would not complain about getting an album full of this.
  2. An album that explores sounds like I Want Your Love, the We Could Be Lovers demo, highlights of Joanne (Diamond Heart, John Wayne) and A Star Is Born (Always Remember Us This Way, Shallow solo) please.

    More of this mood and vocals
  3. When it ends up being a double bluff and she actually starts dropping unreleased material as NFTs
  4. This remains one of my all time favorite Gaga performances. The energy, the vocals!

    I Want Your Love is another 10/10 moment. Lemme dig it out actually and repeat.
  5. Someone is looking for the T in their EGOT I see.
  6. I hope it's her, and I hope she has a lot of great acting opportunities ahead of her.
  7. If this part doesn’t scream Gorgonzola what does?
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  9. Finally the telephone sequel!
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  10. I did not realise how juicy this Gucci story is. I'm piqued.
  11. This is shaping up to be my favourite film of all time.
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  12. What makes it make sense is who she is married to, no shade.
  13. Not this movie being Lady Gaga and people who can’t act
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  14. WHAT!
  15. Remembered this little gem from the tour I never got to witness (rip) but nonetheless still get my life to this performance.

    “Now scream”
    I am!!
  16. It’s pretty scary how much she looks like Patrizia. I am insanely excited for this movie.

    If it can inspire some late 80s murderess bops even better.
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  17. So happy Miss Rona was eradicated in Rome so that they can film this!
  18. There’s a little clip here where you can hear that she is using an accent.

    Safe to say she’s nailing the role.
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