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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Meet & Greets when lockdown ends:

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  2. Yup

  3. I'm also getting:

  4. Serving

  5. This is meant to be a zany comedy, yes?
  6. Someone working on the film said it's "kitschy, tragic, funny" and compared it to a soap opera

    Continuing the ARTPOP discussion from the other thread, Paul posted this (and also took down his petition post dd)...

    I'd love for them to work together again, more than I want to hear those older songs. I was bummed when he stepped away from "LG6" but understand he was going through it at the time with his sobriety and he's clearly still working on that. It's wild how fucked up of a situation ARTPOP was and how it has affected everyone involved in some way.
  7. Not a notes app statement
  8. He's my favourite of her producers by far, so I definitely want them to work together again and make some more magic. They're brilliant.
  9. Also I'm still laughing at the fanbase sucking up to him when they were constantly on his neck for the last several years, specifically blaming him for how ARTPOP turned out and saying how she needed to ditch him. They do it with every producer she works with in that moment, but it's just comical.
  10. I really would love to see them reunite. I know that their sessions for A Star is Born yielded the goods but it’s not really the same scenario as a full release by her. I echo @Secret in that I think he’s the producer that has just *got her* the best - ARTPOP remains bizarre and brilliant and I will happily die on the hill of it standing as a worthy tentpole in her discography, then and now.

    But... I would like to see her stretch her legs some more and work with more new people too. There is so much talent out there she could make magic with - some happy medium of the two would be ideal. She’s yet to encounter anyone who she hasn’t produced something great with, but I truly feel her opus is still ahead of us.
  11. He's my favorite producer she's worked with. He completely understands her, and I think he's proven to be pretty diverse. It's obvious there's a deep connection there or else they wouldn't keep coming together like they have over the years. He's her most consistent collaborator at this point; post-ARTPOP he's done remixes for Cheek to Cheek and Joanne (although they ended up never being released nn), did "The Cure" plus more original work on A Star Is Born soundtrack and the early/pre-Chromatica sessions.
  12. I know we say this pretty often, but I have absolutely no idea where “next” even goes, although I’d be gooped for DJWS to be along for the ride. Logically I know we all thought Chromatica felt like her last dance pop hurrah for the gays before diversifying into other stuff but it’s clear that the era didn’t pan out the way anyone expected. I’m expecting her to remain fairly commercial in whatever “next” is (since she’s clearly loving this music and the bling era) but I’m so stumped - does she take another crack at another blockbuster era? Does she pivot from dance? Visually - where next? Her versatility and constant evolution is both exciting and frightening in equal measure at times.

    If anyone from her entourage ever reads this pink hellscape, warm disco is the only answer. Moroder has been sat by the phone since 2015.
  13. I honestly want an R&B album. I love Chromatica because I always wanted to see what it'd be like if she returned to that "sell out" dance sound that she did on The Fame, but with a new polish. Now I need "Reloaded 2049".

    On a serious note, she hasn't done anything I really dislike. I find something to love about every project she releases, so I'm sure I'll stan whatever comes next.
  14. The possibilities are so endless - I assume she’s writing (as ever) but so far we’ve had no indicators of where next, as opposed to us having a decent idea she was finding her way back to the dance floor after Joanne.

    I’m still so intrigued by the stuff Bappi Lahiri said he made with her, too.
  15. I love that post-ARTPOP, her entourage is mostly been made up of close friends. From Bobby and Richie, to Freddie and Sarah to DJWS and Bloodpop. It seems like a much healthier environment to work in, even though I sometimes worry she can't be entirely objective when it comes to their contributions. DJWS has been a part of my most beloved tracks with her (Bloody Mary, Do What You Want, The Cure) so I would love to see him make a comeback and they seem to share a deep bond. To @mindtrappa's point, he always brings a strong R&B vibe to their collaborations so I would love to hear them expand on the smooth, 90s inspired sound they touched on with The Cure and Heal Me (and Love Me Right which I know isn't DJWS but is still gorgeous). She has such a way with that type of melody.
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  16. I would also love an R&B approach next time. Adding to the tracks @johnoclock mentioned, I always wanted her to reference (or even just straight up wheel out and polish) Second Time Around. I don’t know how that track is perceived around here, but it’s always been one of my favorites from her vault. I’m not sure how its turn-of-the-decade minimalistic beat would fair today, but I’d love it if she even just recycled the chorus melody, which is honestly amazing.
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  17. This may sound a bit cliched but I'd like her to go a bit more electronica/downtempo/trip hop - think Impossible Princess, Ray Of Light, Homogenic
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  18. This is my other dream direction dd.
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  19. RJF


    I'm down for anything so long as BloodPop has been kicked off the futon in her studio.
  20. It’s sad to hear that creating Artpop was really a toxic environment for everyone involved. I’m curious to what DJWS means about people cashing in, though. Did they give her and her team unrealistic deadlines and goalposts sales-wise? She also alludes to it in the G.U.Y. video that they left her broken... did the label cut her budget after the album underperform? Was it mostly to do with Troy?
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