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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Don't know if now is the time, but I do see her shooting for a project that isn't so openly-structured and "hit" based. Meaning, achieving what Lemonade/self-titled did for Beyonce, or what Folklore did for Taylor. Obviously those albums contained memorable singles, but the basis of conversation surrounded the entire package rather than how a first single faired or radio play. It just elevated their artistry. She needs that moment.

    This is obviously just imaginative stan talk, but it is interesting she hasn't shot a visual project.
  2. Wasnt Joanne largely that?
  3. She said it was pretty much all Troy and that the label was supportive of her (I believe they also issued a statement backing her around this time as well)
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  4. Ahh! papers! won't stop swirling in my head nn.
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  5. The Way House of Gucci looks like it's poised to either sweep the Oscars or the Razzies with no middle ground. Give me suspense!
  6. Either way it is sure to be campy and iconic, I'm ready.
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  7. I know it was never fully confirmed, but she’s officially listed as part of the cast of Bullet Train in the copyright application.
  8. Guess this is the official confirmation? It's definitely going to be a short cameo but I'm very excited to see her in this movie. A month before House of Gucci comes out.
  9. Interesting. Is it shot already?
  10. Yeah they shot from November to March.
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  11. Maybe it’s the soundtrack? Would fit to the original Chromatica rollout plan that was just posted in the albumthread.
  12. That's apparently for another movie that was supposed to come out last year and was pushed back to summer 2021.
  13. It’s probably the song she done with Paul McCartney for that film.

  14. Also I think I saw someone (can’t remember if it was on here or Twitter) say the movie wraps this weekend? That’s an entire month ahead of the reported schedule, whew
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  15. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were ahead. I was reading up about production and Ridley basically prefers extended setup with additional cameras so that he can do only one or two takes and move onto the next setup. He shoots movies in half the time, which allows him to have two effectively in the can for 2021 already.
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  16. I don’t feel like we’ve seen her in this colour too often before and she looks great. The costuming has been killer with all of the vintage pieces they sourced - I hope she stole half of the wardrobe.
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  17. Miss Germ was serving Mommie Dearest overacting in that clip and I'm here for it.
  18. Nn wait. Great minds!
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  19. Gaga's iconic debut single is 13 years old today!

  20. [​IMG]
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