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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. We'll be lucky if the Lady Gaga Estate gives us unreleased special editions or whatever when she's dead. Not to be morbid. But like... That's really the only way I see her doing any type of rerelease or unreleased collection or whatever. We'll be clamoring for some voice notes recorded on her Blackberry phone that they "cleaned up the vocals on" or whatever.
  2. Sometimes you don’t have to say what you’re thinking.
  3. Girl this is so...dark like damn
  4. No, but I read Grace’s essay on “Doris” like once a week dd
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  5. I had no idea that was official. I always thought it looked like a fanmade mess
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  6. I'm watching this again and I'm still shocked that a 75 minute slot only gave us 8 songs. ArtPop was probably the worst offender of her mid-concert speeching.

  7. That was mainly because she didn't want to do any old songs. But I actually loved the speeches in this show, and the "performance" of pulling the curtain back.
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  8. Yeah I understand (although a crowd-pleasing singles medley would have helped a lot). Doing the quick changes in front of the audience was rather brilliant and definitely added a theatrical element to the proceedings.
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  9. The frantic, batshit energy of ArtRave is severely underrated
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  10. After all these years I've only just now noticed her knocking off that woman's glasses
  11. Lol yas. Im in the middle of watching this (superior version) too:

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  12. This GIF lives in my mind rent free.
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  13. The Cosmetica era lives on!

  14. Why do we even post these Insta ads nn
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  15. I haven't seen like any influencer review this yet. I think the brand sent out PR. I found a video of ONE random girl who got it. I don't think anyone else even cares. She needs to release something wild like a multichrome highlighter or something.
  16. Because the only thing that hurts more than rubbing salt in a wound is rubbing glittery eye-LIE-ner in it, apparently
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  17. ... [​IMG]
  18. Do they need influencers? Gaga is the influencer here.
  19. They have influencers, but it’s mainly people on Instagram and TikTok, and they aren’t really reviewing anything. But I think that’s where the beauty community has been heading in general. Haus Labs is currently attempting to start a “Sour Candy” challenge on the latter dd.

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