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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. These are really cool and after having just hundred of photo outtakes, seeing everything moving is such a... awkward moment. Now waiting for the supposed "Government Hooker fashion film made on set of BTW photoshoot" that some random insider hinted few years ago. Probably same footage but, still, iconic.
  2. Getting to see the outfits from the iconic album shoot in motion is a nice surprise.
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  3. It's funny when things leak and some people assume it is Gaga / her team doing it.
  4. Is that one of the numerous infamous alternate mixes I hear in that clip?!
  5. Just a fanmade mix I think dd.
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  6. Also, SCREAM

    She really said “this is a gays only event, go home”
  7. I had the same thought. The glacial mix still escapes us.
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  8. She was so ballsy back then. I miss ha!!
  9. Well this is a very welcome surprise.
  10. Nn looks like that account already got yeeted. The Devil works hard but Bobby Campbell works harder
  11. They posted a download for the full video (looks to be eight minutes long) and then bounced.
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  12. Did they just deactivate so they don't get suspended?
  13. Welp, that was fun while it lasted.
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  14. Not Gaga having her tits out and there being a softcore lesbian foreplay scene in this version.
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  15. Yeah they posted a WeTransfer link. I'm not sure if the video is any sort of 'edit' but it seems more like a draft made of unseen footage shot between the video shoot and the album photoshoot. There's tonnes of unseen looks but everything is very raw (which we know from the untouched Nick Knight outtakes that we have).
  16. Ah I have been waiting SO long for this. I really hope she has more than just old merch for the anniversary.
  17. I guess it's technically a fan edit, but it actually came from AVIDDIVA. He's done editing for Gaga in the past, and Madonna fans probably know him for his video remixes.

    It's raw footage from the scrapped street kid cut of the BTW video and the "Government Hooker" music videos.
  18. I would love for Nick and Gaga to finalize and polish these videos for the anniversary.
    And the Scheiße edit for the Fame, please and thank you.
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  19. This is so good. I'm getting goosebumps. I wish the original video had more scenes of Gaga with the unicorn.

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  20. SMG


    She really was the best pop star on the planet for a few years, sigh.
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