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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know the name of the remix?
  2. I think AVIDDIVA did the remix as well. It sounds very much like his stuff.
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  3. It's so nice to see some motion shots of the slime outfit
  4. Wait @ this video using the iconic radio premiere intro.

    The remix itself is great too! Aviddiva video mixes sometimes synthesize all or most of the commercially released mixes into one piece, but this might be the first original production of his that I’ve heard. I think it uses some parts of DJWS’ remix if I’m not mistaken?
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  5. He does great work. Unrelated, but I was just talking to him last week about his stuff and he was nice as ever.
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  6. Sam


    This was a pleasant surprise. Nice to see the up-do wig set up without the kaleidoscope effect from this

    I’m curious as to how this leaked? Do we know what it was commissioned for?
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  7. Obsessed with that video...what a fun visual that kind of epitomizes the essence of the era.
  8. It was accidentally made public on AVIDDIVA's Vimeo a few years ago. He does these things for fun/portfolio use. Sometimes they end up being officially released as club promos, like the stuff he's done for Madonna. His most known remix video is probably

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  9. That gave me chills... she was absolutely fearless, the sheer determination coming from her eyes.
  10. Yass stan Ms. Jenny Lo!
  11. The way she was firing on all cylinders. It's almost scary how powerful she was.
  12. I’m speechless. The sheer power of the unicorn scenes and could they left this out of the final video? I just wish this all leaked in color.
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  13. Me about the entire Born This Way album imagery.
  14. R92


    I don’t think there was ever a more exciting time to be a pop fan for me than that era... That new video is giving me chills.
  15. Ok so where are the videos? Tweets are deleted :/
  17. This just made me sad really. What a time that was.
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  18. Okay but I also want more HQ outtakes from the album shoot with the set-up's in the video.
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  19. Yeah, you just had to be there.

    Watching that makes me remember how genuinely out of this world she felt back then. She kept the line between herself and the fantasy completely blurred at all times. It was hard to imagine her in anything less than alien goo and huge heels and archival Mugler. That began to collapse with ARTPOP and after several years of ‘bare-faced’ normalGa projects, we’ve reached the point where her putting on the drag just doesn’t hit like it used to. It feels like cosplay and like she’s inhabiting the persona rather than it feeling like a genuine extension of her.
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  20. She’s always seemed to struggle with these two sides of herself in most of her eras. The GP pleaser on one hand, and then on the other is a generally more forward and fresh take on what “Gaga” is. I think a good example within Chromatica would be her Vegas or Stupid Love looks vs 911 and her Paper or Billboard looks. Born This Way was the only time it felt like there was none of that insecurity and it was just totally insane, didn’t give a fuck. And we still got a friendlier image going by the full on girl on girl scenes in the raw footage. ARTPOP was similar, but it was rife with insecurities and self destructive traits she developed during Born This Way as the fanbase and the target on her back grew. It’s like when you never had a problem with something about yourself until it is pointed out to you and it becomes a point of anxiety.
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