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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Oh agreed, that Billboard shoot and 911 felt like fresh takes on what "Gaga" visuals can be like. The video especially felt forward not just because of the new approach to direction, but also because it revolved around exploring her current headspace rather than mining a certain punk-ish "classic" Gaga vibe from the past like so much of Chromatica did.

    This dynamic helped make Joanne so enjoyable. That era gets labeled as stripped back, but the looks were all consciously "done" and conceptualized from the ground up. The booty shorts + crop top was drag. But it was fresh and forward and exciting because it felt like an accurate expression of where she was at the time.

    I have no good idea about what she may do next musically and visually--and this sounds trite to say at this point about her--but the best thing she could do is something that feels beholden to nobody but her.
  2. People got so lost because of the crop top and pink hat, like it’s still so funny to me dd. Meanwhile she was still showing up to the airport like this

  3. The unicorn scenes were really under utilised and considering it was part of the iconography of the era it didn't really transcend in the video. It looks great in the leaked footage.
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  4. The Born this Way video put me in a nostalgic mood. It was such a wild time to be a stan, like trying to hang on to a train that's going full speed, unpredictable and exhilarating. You never knew what each day would bring, it could be the biggest triumph or the greatest disaster. She really was firing on all cylinders, pure unbridled creativity with no regard for rules and boundaries, anything was possible. For a weathered pop stan like me who had lived through the second peak of Madonna and the peak of Britney, it really felt like she was setting the new popstar paradigm, a student of pop with an artistic sensibility and a rebellious streak. It wasn't always perfect but it was never boring. I miss that person.
  5. I do miss the constant "Gaga mode" that was going on for those years. But she's gotten older and doesn't feel the need to rely on the clothes like she I think was feeling like she did.
    But my favorite thing about her was her "These are the clothes I like, this is how I dress, some people dress different than what you'd consider 'normal' but who wants to be normal anyways?" kind of attitude. Because as a queer person I can relate so hard to that.
    But now she wears normal clothes more than wild things more often that not and has lost that attitude for me and, it's fine... But I do miss it. I guess we can't expect our favorite popstars to be all that we want for their whole life. I'm just glad I got to be a fan of hers during that time, being the age that I was at that time. It really meant a lot to me.
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  6. I remember running a Gaga Tumblr during the BTW era and it was insane how many hours I had to devote to her each day because of just how much she was doing. Any time I stepped away from the Internet for more than thirty minutes, she'd pop up somewhere with a new outfit on, a new interview out, a new photoshoot posted. It was genuinely so overwhelming in the best way.

    I guess it depends on what your definition of "normal" is as she still operates under the "this is who I am" mantra, just in a different way. It seems weird to strip her of her identity as someone who is different just because she no longer wears ten-inch heels. To me, I view her no longer feeling the need to constantly tell people that she's different from others as proof of her being more secure with herself.
  7. Gaga is still very much doing drag, as @Synthline put it when referring to Joanne era. She just has different types now.
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  8. She's also 35 now as opposed to 25, so change is expected. I think that's what made the stuff we did get for Chromatica kind of disappointing - she isn't that person anymore so a lot of it felt like her trying to put on a costume she's outgrown. There was an interesting podcast last year about Gaga and Katy holding down the old guard of pop, and thats sort of how I view both Chromatica and Smile - both felt a bit like "this is what they want, right?" and opposed to "this is what I want to be doing".
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  9. Tara commented on the BTW leak and spilled about the "alternative version" being directed by Laurieann.

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  10. We've all seen her tits anyway Sara.
  11. That's not the point, though. Just because you've exposed your naked body once does not mean it is free access at all times and circumstances.
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  12. The version she’s talking about is the country road video. We knew it was by Laurieann, since the split second of footage we got of it came from her director’s reel back in like 2012-2013.

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  13. Yes. And also, the way she's showing her breasts in the leaked video is very different from how she had shown them up until that point in 2011/2010. I didn't think of the point Tara brought up and now it feels sort of gross.
  14. I've recently re-discovered my love for Perfect Illusion and honestly I would not be mad if next album cycle in a few years time she tapped back into that sound and pushed it further to be the sound of an album. Her psychedelic rock album is LONG overdue.
  15. Chillax, it was just a joke.
    She hasn't given permission to leak this OK, but my point is that I think she probably wouldn't care either. She has shown her tits multiple times, in magazines, in the streets with the paparazzi, live, in films. That's it.
  16. Any idea why this all was scrapped?
  17. I don’t know about you, but if I had intentionally posted nudes the way I wanted them to look, versus if someone had captured me naked out of context....the difference between my feeling on the two would be staggering.
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  18. My artRAVE show was 7 years ago today, the first time I saw Gaga live after my BTWB date was canceled. It was everything I expected and more
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  19. I mean, she's not the only one with her boobs out in the video. Just needed to note that.

    Not sure. I remember it was supposed to be released for charity or something, but then it just never came dd
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  20. Right, but what you're ignoring is her bodily autonomy. In all of those examples, she chose to show off her body and she had control over how she presented herself. That's it.
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