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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. In 2011 I thought this would be Natalia Kills in 2021

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  2. It's making me so happy and emotional seeing how happy she is. This is such a great fan moment to see such a monumental album celebrated the way it deserves to be.

    Since everyone else is posting their relationship with this album....this came out when I was a closeted 19 year old trying as hard as I could to fit in with the straights. I hadn't even actually accepted my sexuality yet, and tried to pretend it wasn't there .....but this album, and following everything she was doing that era, felt like such a safe space. It was was place I could privately turn to, enjoy immensely, and feel more comfortable with myself in. The message of this album truly did help me on my journey of growth and self discovery, it was something I needed to hear in that moment and helped make me less afraid to be who I am. It makes me so happy to see it celebrated and relived 10 years later, where I can fully enjoy it without shame. The cultural impact it has had continues to live on and it makes me such a proud fan.
  3. Of course he had to be there. Who let him in?

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  4. dd what's the tea on this?
  6. He went on a rant last year about Gaga "not doing enough for the BLM movement" and her "performative activism". Now he's saying that he "dealt with it privately" and he's hanging out with his "friend" again <3!!!!
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  7. Nn. Y'all are weird...

    anyway, stream "Bloody Mary"
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  8. Once insufferable, always insufferable!
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  9. I always forget how much I like this song.

    And the Babylon mashup of it
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  10. Remember when these candids came out and it was the first time she looked "traditionally" glam in ages
  11. rdp


    I still have... mixed feelings over Born This Way (the song) to this day but there's really no denying that she performed the hell out of it at every opportunity. The Grammys performance in particular is such a moment
  12. I could be your girl girl girl girl girl girl, but would you love me if I rule the world world world?

    That's it. That's the post.
    Goodnight #pawsup.
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  13. I don’t have much to say nostalgically towards BTW because when it came out I was being a coward towards my sexuality and hid away mostly from something that was telling me the opposite of what I was trying to believe, but I will say, about a month before my first sexual experience with a man and leaving my old church, I cried on the walk home from a friend’s because of her performance of Born This Way at The Super Bowl and I truly thought that if I didn’t leave soon, I was going to end up killing myself. The album is a triumph and a behemoth and I love her.
  14. I don't have an emotional attachment to the album, but I appreciate what she was doing with it and I'm glad it was a source of comfort the people who needed that.
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  15. Did I spot Marc Monster? It really is 2011 all over again!
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  16. If this album didn’t pull you from the depths of emotional distraught in your teenage years and become an intrinsic part of your identity then you can GET. OUT!!

    Kidding, of course.
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  17. I wasn't a teenager. I iz old.
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  18. I didn't have an emotional connection to it when it came out but I've developed one over time. While I'm straight (I usually hate when Popjustice straights announce this, but I think it's relevant here), I struggle with feeling racially Othered and I feel the album speaks to that as well. I always think of Bad Kids when thinking about the album's message despite it being an not particularly popular deep cut: the album's project is literally to make people feel empowered in who they are despite society telling them that's there something wrong with them.
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