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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I don't think I can properly express how much this album means to me. As a young faguette who was doubting his sexuality at the times (and was scared by it) I was starting to absorb all the messages that were coming through when she first posted the Born This Way lyrics on her twitter. I was beyond excited, immediately translated the lyrics into Czech language and went to recite them to my parents in the living room (dd)

    The morning I found out the album leaked I promptly downloaded it into my mp4 player (almost missed the train lol) and played it into headphones on my way to school. I experienced multiple eargasms but the biggest one (on the first listen) was Heavy Metal Lover. My teen wig with the whole closet flew to the fucking orbit and never came back. Then we took a school trip to England and I had the album of a mf loop the whole time. Born This Way Ball Tour in Veinna was also a ride of my life.

    My gen z friend told me just yesterday he has very ambivalet feelings about the album and I tried explainig to him that this album is so much more to me than just the music. It was the whole era, the philosophy, her attitude, interviews, meltdowns/leaks on forums, performances, artistic expression, not giving a fuck about mainstream and finally her standing for queer community as the biggest pop star at the time with the platform people would listen to. It was endlessly inspiring and endrosing. Suddenly for the first time in my life I got the feeling that's it's okay that I'm (called) a weirdo and I realized it's not only okay, but that it's a part of my personality people can fall in love with. Thus begun the journey of me learning how to love myslef and I won't ever be able to thank her enough for that.

    All that was happening the last day left me a bit emotional as I recalled all of these both painful and beautiful times of 2011 being grateful they happend. Paws up!

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  2. Reading everyone’s experience with this album is so heartwarming
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  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Wasn't Norman Reedus Judas?
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  4. Yes nn
  5. At my Monster Ball show I left the GA line to use a portapotty (ew) and two guys were asking me how old I was, saying how lucky I was to have an artist like Gaga and how they wished she was around growing up.

    They then went into the toilet for a quickie but a sweet moment nonetheless.
  6. Donatella Versace said she and Gaga collaborated on a shirt of the anniversary. Excited to see what it looks like!

  7. Dd this says "re-live moments" from her, so it's probably just her performance from 2009
  8. Who exactly needs to relive a Camila Cabello performance?
  9. Oh wow, here’s an interview from 2011 where she mentions Carl Bean
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  10. Sorry to do it but I'm gonna need to start seeing some dream collaborators for the ~reinterpreted~ album. Robyn? Peaches? Kylie? Dua? K*m P*tr*s? CHER?
  11. Why has this brought back a repressed memory of 2 gays heating something up on the back of a spoon in the middle of the London Born This Way Ball queue. My mum made us leave and we ended up swapping our standing tickets for seated at the box office when we came back in the evening nn, she was having none of that Monster Pit debauchery!!
  12. Kim would be awkward considering Gaga testified against her BFF dd
  13. Manifesting Ariana on Marry the Night orrrrr Born This Way.
  14. ...girls, isn't it supposed to be BY queer artists?
    I think if it was just "artists that the LGBTQ+ like" it would go without saying (and not be that meaningful) dddd
  15. I'm pretty sure the articles say 'and allies.' but I could be wrong!
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  16. They said "prominent artists from the LGBTIA+ community and allies" soo
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  17. I love imagining Rina Sawayama doing Marry The Night and MUNA doing Hair.
  18. I wonder if Gags is gonna be on the songs or are they going to be full on covers?
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  19. The loose language has me imagining some sort of covers / remixes hybrid but who knows.
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