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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. No but her vocal cords have
  2. This is the chaotic energy I crave.
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  3. Miley screaming her way through Highway Unicorn? I’m good.
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  4. Sam


    Miley growling her way through the middle eight of Heavy Metal Lover, though? Sign me the fuck up.
  5. RMK


    I have no doubts its all going to be smaller artists?
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  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Something about this anniversary is really hitting differently for me. We've passed the 10-year mark for a number of other formative albums in my life, but something about Born This Way being 10 years old... I feel particularly emotional about this one.

    I think it's because no album or era will ever match the chaotic, powerful, world-conquering energy that Born This Way had. The way she bulldozed her way across the entire world and left nothing in her wake. The promo, the performances, the magazine shoots, the looks, the interviews, the memes, the non-stop insanity of it all that never let up for the better part of an entire year.

    I'm breathless just thinking about it. We've had imperial phases since then, but there will never be anything like the Born This Way era again. 10 years, my god. What a ride.
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  7. Someone mentioned Jan Sport on The Queen as a joke but honestly make it happen. Camp is the point.
  8. Not this!!! We want the album to be listenable.

    I was actually thinking how fun an Ariana cover of the Queen would be dd.
  9. Sam


    I don’t miss waking up every day and having thousands of posts to catch up on between here, Twitter and the ATRL thread... But I kind of do? It was just so fucking fun. A completely bizarre formative experience for little queer-but-not-quite-there-yet Sammy. I wouldn’t have changed any second of it.
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  10. I listened to about 47 remixes on YouTube and Soundcloud and even clicked on that Workout Music Tv Spotify link in the Tweet, but I still can't find this gorgeous stunning remix.

    Can a Little Manager assist? <3
  11. 10 years of Born This Way! There once was a time when the OG girls here didn’t think we’d survive one year of Born This Way! From the fake teal armpit hair to the primordial slime, to Clarence’s final sax solo and everything in between - gosh we were lucky, huh?
  12. I'm ready to throw coins at some good merch. Open the shop, Gagz.
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  13. Sam


    Pay day is tomorrow and I'm already regretting spending too much
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  14. Which song was this for? I can't remember and the tweet is private. nn
  15. Sour Candy and it sounded godly.
  16. Some DJs do mixes themselves so it could've been a personal mix or that of another local DJ. Here's the DJ's instagram, maybe you can message her and see if she can tell you?

    and then you can tell us.
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  17. Thank you! Just messaged ha.

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  18. Gaga just retweeted you OH MY GOD?
  19. I raced to tell him on the side... WOW! Happy for my twin... Jealous too, ha!
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