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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Bye.
  2. I adore this alberm to pieces (like every other gay in the planet), even its most panned songs (i.e. Bad Kids, which has drove many of my angsty treadmill runs, and Fernando Garibay's remix of Fashion of His Love that takes the already perfect original to pure bliss).
  3. I never even knew this existed until now. I think I prefer the original in all its Whitney-homaging glory but what a great remix that brings it more in line with the blown out speakers bombast of the rest of the album.
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  4. I fear she will never top the 9 minute masterpiece that is Scheiße DJWS Mugler
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  5. I listened to it again today and let me tell ya, it ripped my scalp right off.
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  6. My best friend is in those videos and she looks so drunk and waaaay too serious nn
  7. I can't possibly put into words more eloquently than the posts before what this album meant then and means now to my queer soul, so I'll just echo those sentiments and say it's essential.

    Also to be a young gay, out, proud and finally confidently living their truth during the summer of 2011 where Gaga, Britney, Bey, and JLo were serving modern day classics and just dominating our queer lives was such a wild and beautiful time to be alive.
  8. The way my friend never bluetoothed me the original Fashion Of His Love back then, I thought the remix was the original. when people said the bridge has some elements of an unreleased track in it, I was like "what bridge?"
  9. Feels weird getting candids of her now dd
  10. I hope she’s overseeing the Chromatica remix album a bit now that she’s back at home.
  11. RMK


    This is definitely not happening dd
  12. Joking or not, I find it fascinating that people seem to think she doesn't have her hand in these things just because she doesn't tweet or IG about it.
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  13. I'm loving her new fashionable-yet-comfy soccer mom aesthetic when out and about.

  14. We'll have as many Smelly Cat performances as we do Chromatica performances.
  15. Dd she’s gonna ~interpret the hell out of it and I’m so excited
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  16. I can't wait for her stories of growing up in New York and daydreaming about hanging out at Central Perk with the gang while she's strumming chords on the guitar.
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  17. The tribute performance queen rises again
  18. Day four no webstore update...
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