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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. A schmaltzy, jazzy version of Vanity just popped into my head and now I need it. @BobbyCampbell
  2. Orville Peck or keep it.
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  3. Gaga just retweeted this:

    I think he will be on it.
  4. We can all dream but it looks like its Orville Peck based on her recent RT.
  5. It's cute! I do think Born This Way is one of those songs that really belongs in the voice that it was originally sung (cue obvious jokes) but this was a great job.

    It's great that he changed the lyrics to 'asian or Latinx made' as well.
  6. Damn this is good.
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  7. This actually sounds amazing! He has a beautiful voice.
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  8. Orville is perfection in every way, this is brilliant.
  9. I was so excited for the Born This Way reimagining and this was cute, but I wish they would’ve given it to someone who would have gone bonkers with the song instead of such a low key vibe.
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  10. rdp


    I've always enjoyed the country road version more than the original sometimes so it's no surprise that I really like this
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  11. Love this! Sounds like if Elvis sung it. I can't believe there are some people who don't like this song. Except for one problematic lyric, it's a PERFECT song.
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  12. R92


    This is fantastic. Orville’s voice is incredible as always, and I’m glad to see this really lean into the warmth of the song.
  13. YASS
  14. The way she just hates the uptempo version.
  15. Madonna ha power
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  16. I actually prefer that he cover the country road version than anyone touching the normal version of the song.
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  17. This is well and truly stunning. Orville did this such extraordinary justice, and the updated lyric feels like a triumph that helps the long legacy of this work.

    I did not expect to have a such a strong emotional reaction to this version, but I’ve cried each time I’ve listened to it. The Country Road Version always felt powerfully subversive to me when it came out, for its claiming American Country tropes in such a gleefully gay way. I remember having the pipe dream ten years ago that they’d submit it to Country radio and it would do something towards becoming a multi-format smash—which I now recognize as the youthful delusions of stanning a trailblazing pop star in her imperial phase (and the Obama era).

    There’s some of that idyllic potential realized in hearing this version given its shine today. No, it’s not going to bother much in terms of impact, but it gracefully affirms the legacy of her intentions with this, her mission statement anthem.

    I also… came out of the closet performing this version of the song with my high school band, so hearing a man so faithfully and earnestly do that ten years on is contributing big personal Pride tears.
  18. Cackling.

    The whole controversy about Born This Way copying Madonna seems dumber with each passing year. It sounds vaguely similar to Express Yourself and nothing more. Alejandro's video and the Dance In The Dark spoken section are the only times she's been very derivative of Madonna and both seem more like homage than anything.
  19. Sam


    Ok yes mama
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