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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Tell me why thinking about him made me seek out any of his newer music
    He put this out in late 2019
  2. Obviously LoveGame and Paparazzi are classics and top-tier Gaga songs but a world where Starstruck, Eh Eh, The Fame, Beautiful Dirty Rich and Boys Boys Boys are also smash hits is crazy to think of.

    She really did have so much potential for more huge smashes.
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  3. I... don't think any of those songs would have been smash hits, or even hits at all, besides maybe Starstruck and Eh Eh. Specially not Beautiful Dirty Rich or Boys Boys Boys dd
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  4. Yeah I guess that’s true - they wouldn’t have done the numbers the other songs did. Maybe with her name at the time though...or maybe the reason she did get so big was the right songs were chosen.
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  5. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for "Eh, Eh". It felt so out of place in the promotional rollout but so refreshing at the same time. It was pretty big here in Europe, the video was constantly on TV.

    I also do remember the singles rollout being so messy. The fact that the US didn’t get "Eh, Eh" and the UK got "LoveGame" after "Paparazzi" but it was the opposite in the rest of Europe and Oceania… all of this happening in the same timeframe. Girl. Why.

    Although I love "Boys Boys Boys" and "Starstruck", I just can’t imagine them working out the way "Poker Face" did, for example. They fit perfectly on the album but feel weird when taken out of it. "The Fame" would’ve been a great final single or substitute to "Eh, Eh" in North America.
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  6. I might be in the minority but Summerboy would have been a cute/fun summer smash.
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  7. Summer#1 deserved to be a single. Her easy breezy Stars Are Blind, Cool, etc moment.
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  8. I always thought it deserved to smash as part of a soundtrack to a teen movie.
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  9. I think pretty much anything she released at that point would have been a hit, and that's kind of why they had the recurring issue of not knowing what to go with. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" and "Boys Boys Boys" are just a couple of the songs that were (and remain) well known without being officially released as singles.
  10. Eh Eh was kinda hitty in Europe though no? Like everyone knows it here hehe
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  11. This is how I feel, as much as The Fame itself really did deserve an era twice as long.

    What's so unique about her early run is the quick succession with which The Fame Monster & Born This Way came. She just did not let up, it was a complete run of 10/10 smashes.
  12. dddd I love that era with my heart but y'all are talking shit thinking Beautiful Dirty Rich would be a hit. It was tested and the plug was pulled. Let's just be happy she had so many smashes that era.
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  13. That's because programmers lack taste. Although I don't think it should have been the second single. My point was that anything after "Poker Face" would have done well enough to be considered a hit.
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  14. RMK


    Beautiful Dirty Rich is an amazing song, but not a single competing with the main four. Boys Boys Boys... was not the move.
  15. RMK


    She was teetering on overexposure into Born This Way, but I do think Monster could've been a solid fourth release regardless. It would please the mainstream, and have an annual bump with Halloween every year.
  16. All these possibilities yet they really didn't bother with the real jewel in the crown.

    The way it was an "iTunes Bonus Track" at first dd God.
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  17. Summerboy is easily her most underrated song.
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  18. She knew she could keep going with The Fame if she wanted, and said as much when releasing "Bad Romance". Nearly ending up with 9 singles, like... whew. Also I thank god every day we were spared from RedOne's single mixes of "Eh, Eh" and "Paparazzi"
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  19. RMK


    Checked these out immediately. Eh Eh is not meant to sound like an Akon song, the dreamy production we got fits perfect. And Paparazzi is serving..

  20. Beautiful Dirty Rich was the song that grabbed me as a fan. The rest quickly grew on me after though. I do prefer the demo version with the alternate middle 8 “Look at them dirty rich girls, look at them dirty rich boys, playing with all their beautiful and dirty, dirty rich toys”.
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