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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Now we’re talking.
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  2. Exact same experience. I remember some girls phone going off and it was the "groove slam work it back" hook. I was amazed because the girl had never shown any interest in Lady Gaga or pop music in general so it was so surprising for her to have an album cut of all things as her ringtone.

    Gaga's power those days was incredible, she had the GeePee eating out of her hand.
  3. She said about You & I “it could never be a single”.

    I totally share her wanting to have visuals for all/more songs but I don’t understand why they haven’t done that, at least for BTW when she was in the position to demand certain things from her label… or latest when they renewed the contract?

    No other artist 2009-2011 had such an important aspect of visual + music, a videoalbum would have gone crazy?
  4. She spoke pretty openly about wanting to make both Born This Way and ARTPOP visual albums before and during their releases. There was even that whole video she did with Tara about the contest for fans to pitch concepts to “direct” a video for ARTPOP that would premiere on the app

    Also this

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  5. She looks great here:
  6. Oo yes. I love when she wears a statement wig.
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  7. Love the brunette update to the blunt bangs. She looks positively stunning.
  8. “The Chromart Monstanne to this Born” is sending me.
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  9. It's giving me someone but I can't for the life of me think of who. For some reason my first thought was Jennifer Tilly nn
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. In her BTW drag.
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  12. Not her busting out the "Judas" performance outfit

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  13. Thank you! I was wondering what performance it came from.
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  14. Ugh, she's such a star. I miss her so much.

    Also, I think I'm ready for a pop era with dark hair.
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  15. Glad I can push that bootleg "Judas" cosplay she did last year from my memory for good nn
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  16. I think a brunette era would be great too, especially considering that the public recognizes her as a brunette after A Star Is Born.
  17. She always looks especially good with her natural hair color

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  18. RIP Peg
  19. I love seeing her in black leather. Chromatica was obviously very neon. I just love a black and gold leather moment though from her. It just suits her, especially during Born This Way when she was just in total rockstar mode.
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