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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Ugh, she's such a star. I miss her so much.

    Also, I think I'm ready for a pop era with dark hair.
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  2. Glad I can push that bootleg "Judas" cosplay she did last year from my memory for good nn
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  3. I think a brunette era would be great too, especially considering that the public recognizes her as a brunette after A Star Is Born.
  4. She always looks especially good with her natural hair color

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  5. RIP Peg
  6. I love seeing her in black leather. Chromatica was obviously very neon. I just love a black and gold leather moment though from her. It just suits her, especially during Born This Way when she was just in total rockstar mode.
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  7. The fact that something called "Bad Kid Vault" during the album's 10th anniversary is not a project of unreleased dems but a way for her to ship out remaining, unsold stock of her funky Amazon makeup... I-
  8. Signing her full autograph for the first time in over a year

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  9. Can’t relate. Lemme go look at my properly signed copy of Chromatica.
  10. The way it's still "I'm a burp", the disrespect.
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  11. She said

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  12. The way she still snuck in those ugly Chromatica boots at the end. ddddd

    I came across this last night and it had me laughing for three minutes.


  13. People are saying the Top Gun song is called “Hold My Hand”? No idea where this rumor comes from, though.
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  14. Joanne after reading that
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  15. A shame it will probably miss the entire fall festival circuit, but this shouldn’t be too surprising considering they just finished shooting it.
  16. Are we ready to marry the night girls?

  17. Oh is this for Marry the Night?

    I thought it'd be a Fun Tonight Chromatica remix but that sounds so cursed on second thought.
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  19. Was hoping for her on the Chromatica remix album but if it's MTN dropping tonight then it better be reimagined as a funky disco bop
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