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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    nn that doesn’t 100% sit right with me but at least it’s someone who actually supports the community through action and doesn’t just post a pride flag from Google Images every June 1st
  2. Is Kylie still producing her own vocals then... *grimace*

  3. Not @sesita hacking Gaga's YouTube account to promote her fave
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  4. Didn’t the original announcement say something like “LGBTQ+ artists and allies”?
  5. Your God is not here, Trinu. Nor will he ever be.
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  6. Not calling Madonna for Born This Way was a huge missed opportunity (but I love Orville of course). I mean, I can only imagine the world explosion if that happened.
  7. Madonna showing up to celebrate Born This Way's anniversary would be both iconic and so incredibly farfetched, It's just not something I could see her agreeing to.
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  8. I could see her agreeing to it. I couldn’t see Gaga asking her though.
  9. If the intended goal in releasing these cover versions was to have listeners return to the original album, then mission accomplished.
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  10. I mean.. she performed it on the MDNA tour. Nothing stopping her from heading into a studio and bash out a quick cover. She already knows the words

  11. Oof. This is pretty terrible.
  12. matthew.

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    Kylie doing 'Marry The Night' in theory should have been good if they turned it into something like her cover of 'Bette Davis Eyes' but unfortunately Biff whipped out the same washing machine that was used to produce most of Disco and it loses all of its bite.
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  13. What a mess.
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  14. The cover is cute and very homosexual. I think some people are doing the absolute most.
  15. I’ve had very little interest in this project but it’s Kylie on a Gaga song so I’ll have nothing but praise for this moment - I didn’t ever expect them to be musically linked, least of all by this.

    Granted it’s maybe a little cheap and totally gay as fuck, but so am I. And I’m bopping. Now if we could actually get them together on a song and truly end the cigs?
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  16. Ok I’m listening to Hair in Lossless on Apple Music and I do notice a difference tbh! I know Lossless is negligible on some songs but her vocal and the sax sound much clearer on this format.

    I just deleted the Dolby Atmos version of Born This Way (song) and redownloaded it as Lossless because the Dolby Atmos mixing was a mess.
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  17. The vocal fry alone in that first verse is…something
  18. In a GAGA thread??? Ru never!

    The original is such a towering part of Gaga's discography and feels so intrinsically her that no cover would ever come close to matching it, and the production is a bit crunchy in the way that a lot of Kylie songs are as of recent, but I really enjoy this as an alternate reading on the song and especially as a Moment for the gays. Je suis bopping
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  19. It‘s up on Apple Music now.
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