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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    This is so cheesy oh my god I’m obsessed
  2. My little gay soul just won't allow me to actively dislike Kylie covering Marry The Night.

    Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, the vocal production is absolutely fucking horrific. But this was so unexpected, I have nothing but goodwill for it.

    I'd also agree with Marry The Night being generally untouchable though. It's a masterpiece. But I'm not opposed to people trying it, and I'll be honest - Adam Lambert's vocals on his cover are absolutely fucking excellent (and infinitely better than Kylie's).
  3. Sam


    dd explore your ignore list a bitsy
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  4. Dddd I meant to post a different meme but copied that one instead, I had originally clicked on that one to go to Twitter
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  5. The song is a Kylie take on a Gaga song which just works well. It’s cheesy, it’s harmless, it’s Kylie to a T and I love it.
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  6. I'm going to get torn apart but Kylie sounds horrific on Marry the Night. I didn't even finish it.
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  7. After hearing Kylie butcher Marry The Night, I don't even want to hear what Madonna might do to Born This Way. I mean, she sounded fine doing it on the MDNA tour, but I think hearing it on record would really reveal the shortcomings.

    I think the material would be the best served by having non-pop vocalists do it. That's one reason the Orville Peck Born This Way works so well for me.
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  8. Wait till the Positivity Police in the Kylie thread see this....
  9. The remix just highlights what a fucking structurally amazing pop song ‘Marry The Night’ is. I mean… that fucking outro!

    Those vocals from Kylie though…
  10. Marry The Night is Top 3 Gaga.
  11. And the other two are Edge of Glory and Dance in the Dark.
  12. No but they’re top 10
  13. Marry The Night was always my least favourite Born This Way single, and after Kylie's still is.
    That being said, Born This Way is one of the best albums ever recorded so even the weakest single from it is better than the best single from most other act's best albums.
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  14. Marry The Night is a song about desperation, adversity and triumph. I'd have preferred a cover that captured that spirit from someone like Garbage or the Distillers (would never happen but would be nice).
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  15. I don't know if those would quite make my Top 3 but definitely Top 10. Massive pop songs that make me remember why I fell in love with the genre.
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  16. Speaking of Marry the Night, it reminded me how the music video was the first time she alluded to something really terrible happening to her when she was younger and how surprising and liberating it was for me to see someone reference their trauma so openly in their work while being the biggest popstar in the world. It meant that even if something bad happens, you can still go on to do great things. You are not broken and you don't have to be alone. A rallying cry for embracing your darkness as something that makes you special instead of constantly running from it.

    That last minute sends chills down my spine every time even 10 years later.
  17. Does any other contemporary artist, or other artist at all, have their 23rd album being payed tribute by legends like Kylie Minogue, less than 15 years into their career?

    She's so powerful...
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  18. Marry the Night has gone from a song I liked to my fave BTW single in the space of a few years. Those verses!
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  19. Hearing Kylie sing such bizarre lyrics is oddly thrilling. It's like the Impossible Princess stream of consciousness has returned.

    Gaga really writes some fantastically weird shit when she's on top form.
  20. Marry The Night has always been and always will be one of my very favourite Gaga songs.
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