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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. My EXACT top three.
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  2. I've always loved Marry The Night. One of her songs where the lyrics were really good and you can tell it came from her. It had those Gaga quirks. Love that it was always about taking something very dark and personal and turning into a hopeful pop song.

    I'm okay with Kylie's light/fun spin to it, it's probably what we need now.
  3. Marry the Night has always been a little too heavy for me to go back to as often as I do other, more spacious tracks production-wise from Born This Way (namely Heavy Metal Lover or Bloody Mary) - but THAT last-minute breakdown is still one of her most genius moments.
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    “Marry The Night” just... isn’t in Kylie’s wheelhouse.
  5. There are almost no backing vocals whatsoever on Kylie's Marry the Night. Her main vocal has to carry everything. It's kind of imperfect but relentless, I think she did pretty well. You can't go toe to toe with Gaga on this song but Kylie brought it into her space. She sounds good.
  6. Marry The Night is one of my favorite Gaga songs ever and I like Kylie so this sounds like… a missed opportunity. I think she would’ve worked on Black Jesus, but there also seems to be so little effort put into this in the first place.
  7. I don’t know why but on first listen at the end I REALLY wanted her to do the whispered “same DNA… but born this way” even though it’s from a different song.
  8. Cher has to do Edge of Glory, right?
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    No ❤️
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  10. Is it 2021 or 2011? I know it’s a Born This Way anniversary but this is going too far.
  11. I really like this. But we still need an actual collab though...

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  12. matthew.

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    Get ready for the Thunderclap girlies!
  13. Im loving for Freedia and Orville’s takes on Gaga classics but Kylie really is serving camp karaoke which if it makes you happy I’m not here to rain on your parade. But Marry the Night is my FAVORITE Gaga song and I wish we got a vocalist who could go IN on that breakdown. I can almost hear Kylie giggle and bow just as the production ramps up to that bonkers outro instead of the primal growl Gaga gives as she rides it off into the sunrise
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  14. They should have got Rozalla on "Marry the Night" since "Everybody's Free" was practically the blueprint for it

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  15. The Kylie cover is my fav nn. The vocals are shite but it really hits the Lady Gay Gay spot.
  16. Kylie’s vocal production has been questionable since Golden but this still slaps. I love being gay.
  17. Isn't it due to it being a reimagining, If you listen to her latest album Disco it comes across of the same gentle disco pop genre
  18. Marry The Night's lyrics are pretty incredible.

    "I'm gonna make love to the stark" is brilliant.
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  19. Honestly these have been a lot better than I thought they’d be. Do they bring anything new to the songs? Not really but they’re cute to have. Orville sounds great on Born This Way! That said I’ll probably never listen to it again….

    Give me Brandi Carlile doing The Edge Of Glory next please!
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