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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I always support my Aussie legends, but Marry the night is not for Kylie. It does not match her vocals, and I feel it lets the song down. Either way, it's something new to enjoy so whatever.
  2. I would accept Ben if The Highwomen is true. Which song would they be doing?
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  3. Okay but if The Highwomen are involved they better be covering You & I
  4. If Ben Platt does Edge Of Glory I’m going to k word myself.
  5. Please don't give the theatre gay collective the fucking power, pleasure, or perverse sense of enablement over having one of their own on this. For the love of all that is good and gay, please Stefani!

    And for godsake we don't let an acapella group near this. If I even have to read the word Pentatonix I am officially signing up for a John Deer tractor sales event and living a life of closeted shame.
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  6. Dd, no need to worry about stepping foot near a tractor anytime soon
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  7. I'm not sure if you know who Stefani is...but @Tracy Jacks is in this thread day in and day out so the damage is done.

    Also nn miss Orville is a theater gay at heart.
  8. But nothing about the first half of my post. Fuck.
  9. I feel like a total outsider here, but I really like Pentatonix and Ben. Eek.

    I get why even the thought of an acapella group would turn someone's stomach though, but their Daft Punk medley shows they can create something unexpected for that type of group. They're insanely talented. I don't see why they couldn't do something interesting with a Born This Way track. But they're not on it anyway, so no need to worry!
  10. It’s so nice to be seen, baby, thank you.

    Listen, we don’t claim Ben—full stop. I took no pleasure in bringing his name to this thread, and I’ll rue the day that his industry plant name gets stuck to my favorite song of all time.

    Meanwhile, Orville is as weaponized BFA as the theatre gays get. She has character acted her way from Peter Pan Goes Wrong on the West End to oblique glitter and prairie dust Americana mythos. That’s full theatre gay delusion as far as I’m concerned, and honestly, his commitment to his identity—however contrived!—makes covering Born This Way all the more appropriate to me. Plus, you know…
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  11. I love Ben and I have cried repeatedly to the Dear Evan Hansen cast recording.
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  12. Ben is fine. He's a bit overly earnest in that theater kid way but so is Gaga so nn
  13. I like his Rain song
  14. The fanzine in the Chromatica vinyl is one of her best ever merch items. Genius.
  15. I just heard Kylie’s Marry the Night. Kylie is great but this version is not it. Gaga sings Marry the Night like her life depends on it
  16. Thing is, I've really grown to love the disco instrumental to it, it's just the vocals that sound like they were recorded through a sponge. They're absolutely gruesome. This could have been really cute.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's here!!!
  18. I got mine the other week - really pleased by the actual shirt quality that's quite stiff/oversized instead of small and stretchy.
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  19. Today is the 18th... where is the BTW reimagined?
  20. Gaga announced that it was pushed back to the 25th last week

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