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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Thanks. And no new track today?
  2. We got the Orville Peck one in the middle of the day, so I guess we’ll see
  3. How gorgeous is this?!
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  4. That tweet is a bit vague but I think Freedia meant the album and not the single, which leaves me wondering which song?
  5. I do think they meant the album, but I could see her on the Born This Way middle 8.
  6. She probably meant the album, I could weirdly picture her on the intro to Bad Kids?

    On the topic of Born This Way, I finally got a copy of it on vinyl, it's my first 180g vinyl, and sounds absolutely amazing. Probably the best sounding Pop pressing I own.
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  7. Thank God it’s not Ben Platt on this one…
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  8. I actually love this. The shimmering synthpop production sounds great.
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  9. Oh this sounds so pretty!!
  10. It’s really lovely!! Very Communion-era Years & Years in sound; the final minute is really lovely. Olly’s vocals aren’t anywhere near as elastic (or grating) as they’ve risked being lately, and his ad libs are sweet enough to lift the effort despite losing the sax solo.
  11. I love the production but I don't love how Olly sounds on it, his vocal is giving me Glee cover for some reason? Like I think he could have done a little more, done this a half step higher or something. I'm sure I'll warm up to it though, I'm being picky!
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  12. They all give Glee just a bit. But that’s mainly because Gaga’s vocals on the originals are so massive with production that is equally towering that anything less is going to feel meek in comparison. Big Freedia’s is the only one that truly matches the ridiculousness and grandeur because she’s fully living the fantasy.
  13. And the Glee cover of “The Edge of Glory” with Naya Rivera featured is actually great. This is nice, too.
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  14. I'm gonna still give this cover a chance but...the twink is on thin ice for this
  15. Gaga’s vocals on all the songs have such an energy behind them that are truly hard to match. Everyone else that tries fails in comparison as it’s hard to follow her. Their vocals all sound safe/stale compared to the rush Gaga brings.

    I do think these songs sound lovely though. I wouldn’t call any of them Glee level though… we can save that for Ben Platt’s song.
  16. As mentioned, like the Kylie cover, it’s very Glee-adjacent, but I’m not mad at it. The glistening plinky-plonks are a lovely touch.
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  17. I don’t think anything is bad, but the thing with Gaga is that everything she does is done so like it’s the last thing she’ll ever do, especially on Born This Way. I can hear her wailing into the night and see her swinging on the fire escape when I listen to “The Edge of Glory” or her being engulfed in flames on “Marry the Night”. There’s an urgency and a lot of heart that just can’t be replicated. But I appreciate the effort in taking on a Gaga song regardless.
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