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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I like it! I think it’s nice enough considering miss Olly is only trying to recreate one of the greatest songs of all time. Whoever got it was never going to top the original.
  2. So I guess that rumor was true. Ben Platt on Yoü and I and The Highwomen on Highway Unicorn. Well, the latter will be interesting.
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  3. The galaxy brain play of essentially bolting The Edge of Glory onto the production of Dancing On My Own... doesn't hold a candle to the original(s) obvi but whew this is gay. I'm bopping wistfully.
  4. Very true, I think Big Freedia really going for it like that kind of set a subconscious expectation for me so the past couple have sounded pretty tame in comparison. Also, the fact that the past two songs are a little more vocal heavy, and the artists they got for them aren't that kind of vocalist. I'm sure I'll warm up to this one though.

    That said, if The Highwomen rumor is true, I'm sure they'll smash it in that department.
  5. I am definitely most excited by the idea of Brandi Carlile's voice on Highway Unicorn.
  6. The production is cute but Olly is playing it way too safe on the chorus. All these covers have so far proven to me that Gaga brings a ferocity, immediacy, and passion to her vocal performance that is unmatched by most other artists. She truly elevates the songs and production and is a big reason why the songs are so good. In the hands (or rather vocals) of others the result is quite underwhelming.
  7. RJF


    Because when I hear the vocal on the original "The Edge Of Glory", I immediately think of Olly Alexander.
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  8. SMG


    The Edge of Glory really is her best song, phew.
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  9. I love it. I like the production on this one.
  10. The Edge of Glory still makes my pussy tremble.
  11. The Edge Of Glory remains triumphant. Her greatest song, in my opinion. Fucking flawless.
  12. This is so, so basic and uninspired. It completely highlights what an incredible vocalist Gaga is.
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  13. This is cute. The added arrangements give an ethereal feel to the song.

    Still holding out hope for Carly Rae Jepsen - Government Hooker being a surprise bonus track in the final release.
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  14. Nope. The song loses all of its life or death drama and becomes another limp dancefloor exercise. I wish they didn't give them songs like Marry the Night or Edge that are imbued with Gaga's bone marrow and let them have something less high stakes from the album.

    I had to watch original Marry the Night video to get the bad taste out my mouth, all 13 minutes of it.

    "Turn the car on and RUUUUN". Yep, still chills.
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  15. To me these covers don't really mean that Gaga is a better vocalist than the others, they just show that each artist excels in their own lane. Gaga is phenomenal singing her own songs and Olly is great in singing Years & Years tracks.

    These covers would have only worked if they had turned the songs upside down and translated them into their own sonic landscapes, not just throwing a Communion-era synths under an at-home vocal take.
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  16. A great day to play this at 1.25x speed and bawp

    Get in the shower, I’ll meet you there
    I bought you some hippie shit from the Deli down the stairs o yeah
    Love it when my man smells so good

  17. It's like that Madhouse cover of Like a Prayer that was a hit in the early 00s, it strips away all the passion and grit from the song until it becomes a pointless thumper. Oh well, at least a queer artist got visibility I guess.
  18. RJF


    “Marry The Night” and “The Edge Of Glory” are… überdiva pop songs for the girls with hurricanes in their throats. No matter how you try to change them, they always revert back to that. These covers just don’t hit any kind of mark.
  19. Wow, didn’t know Olly is gay.

    Cute cover though! Besides the vocals, I will say the production on these covers seem a bit… cheap? Hence why I get the Glee comparisons.
  20. It's... his entire brand.
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