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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Miley would've left not a single crumb covering this, seems like a missed opportunity given she's now a professional covers artist.
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  2. She should have just re-imagined the songs herself and that would have been perfect.
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  3. The wild fact that Judas remains to be the best re-imagination.
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  4. RJF


    Yeah, but she would have eaten the plate, the cutlery, and the table too.
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  5. Can't wait for Xtina's version of Americano.
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  6. I basically agree with this but the Edge of Glory cover sounds good to my ears. I can use even if I'm aware that it's been neutered. But the Marry The Night cover is straight up unlistenable.
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  7. Edu


    I still need Brandi Carlile covering You And I to compensate for whatever Olly tried to do with Edge Of Glory.
  8. TBH, Brandi Carlile would probably outsing Gaga on You & I.

    This is a good post, but at the same time, she is a better vocalist than Olly and Kylie and Orville (as much as I loved his cover).
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  9. I mean if there's one album in existence where more is more, Born This Way is it? The cacophony coming out of her mouth on Marry the Night, Edge of Glory, Government Hooker, Highway Unicorn, or Hair with the chainsaw production turned up to 11?

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  10. Miley gives more but she also doesn't sing with that much control? I don't really see her doing much better than the vocalists we got.
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  11. Miley would be louder, that's about it.
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  12. Yeah, this is a more succinct version of what I was trying to articulate.

    Miley's Heart of Glass cover is exactly why I don't want her anywhere near Gaga's songs.
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  13. RJF


    Miley would literally just honk and scream and bray all over all these songs.
  14. !!!!! Japanese exclusive at best.
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  15. Carly on a Born This Way track would likely sound as bad as Kylie's Marry The Night.
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  16. Could they not get Stefani on a BTW reimagined track?
  17. It's so hard to do any of Born This Way justice, so I wasn't expecting much from these covers. Marry The Night and Edge were particularly ambitious choices, especially given who they got paired with. These glittery synthpop re-imaginings are boring and lose all of their charm. They're safe and obvious.

    Big Freedia's take on Judas is the best one still because it sticks to the BTW ethos while also flipping the song on its head. Orville's cover of Born This Way is good too but could have been much more interesting if the woman herself didn't think of a slowed down country version already.
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  18. This perfectly sums up how I feel about Kylie’s version of Marry The Night. I love it, but it’s not how I imagined Kylie doing Gaga. I expected bonkers, songs straight up demolished and rebuilt. Like the reworked Judas.
  19. Great post and I agree. But I also think that the better reaction to Judas also has to do with the original song being less loved than the other OG songs. Judas is kind of harder to fuck up.

    I've liked all of the re-imaginings except for Marry the Night though. *shudders*
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  20. Sam


    from …. Kylie?
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