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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She's already smashed You and I (and a handful of other non-Born This Way Gaga covers)!

    Also, I found this video while I was searching for that cover and I hate how this is the only time they've met, would love to have some pics of them serving some better looks than these. Gaga complimenting Kelly's messy hair with her Fame era higher pitched voice, dd

    Kelly presented one of her VMAs this past year but they obviously didn't get to interact due to Covid!
  2. The Fame era baby voice was such a scream. I wonder if pretending to be Paris Hilton was performance art.
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  3. I’m so fascinated by her voice changing over the course of The Fame era. For all of 2008 she had a huskier voice more akin to now, but with a super strong New York Italian accent, and very very different diction.

    Then somewhere around the beginning of 2009 the classic baby high-pitched voice started (I remember noticing it accutely during her 2009 UK press tour for Poker Face, but I think it started a little earlier). It matched the Candy Warhol voice from The Fame Ball, so I always took it as performance art. BUT then she mentioned way later in her career “developing an accent” when talking to press as a defense mechanism, and I could never tell if she was referring to that, or her 2012 vaguely British Mary Jane Holland Fame perfume ArtPup brunette era.

    Also worth noting how Gaga is clearly a very empathetic person, and seems to develop accents that emulate the countries she’s visiting almost immediately, which I’ve always found so endearing.

    Anyway, sorry for crazy over analysis, but it’s sooo striking hearing her voice in the early Gagavisions or any early 2008 interview and the ones from 2009 like posted above. A great example of the former is here (side note, also a super fascinating rare interview, where she mentions her inspiration for The Fame album cover, saying the font was inspired by Grace Jones and the overall look was meant to emulate a “faded 70s Italian Vogue” cover.)
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  4. If anything I think she puts on more of an accent now
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  5. I just listened to Born This Way from start to finish for the first time in quite a while (quite a few tracks are on different Spotify playlists though).

    Fuck me sideways. I died. Call me Casper.

    I just can't at anyone trying to tell me it's not one of the most important pop albums ever made.
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  6. I think every era has its own “accent” – she blamed it on traveling once in a Little Monsters post in 2013. The one that cropped up during Joanne and has seemingly stuck around is the worst one yet, though. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like this bratty, faux macho, verging on southern at times, tone.
  7. RJF


    I know that music is the thing she’s the least enthusiastic at selling these days when she’s got champagne and seminars to hawk, but I’m surprised at how little incentive there’s been to buy anything for Born This Way turning ten. Her entire brand has been preying on nostalgic gays for about three years now so an album’s anniversary seems to be the perfect opportunity to capitalise on that.
  8. Yeah, I echo that Kelly would’ve owned Edge of Glory (but then, she could sing anything), though I get she’s not exactly a gay icon.
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  9. Meanwhile what would really make her some money is a tour with actual dates planned and some well promoted music... If only.

    In other news
  10. Listening to the Olly’s version of The Edge Of Glory on vinyl

  11. I don’t think I need Reimagined on vinyl. I got the CD for the sake of completion, and I already own the Born This Way boxset, so they’d really need to shake the table to top something like that.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. MUNA not getting an invite to cover The Edge of Glory was an act of sheer homophobia

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  14. Her 2009 Fame era voice always seemed like part of the act to me (she definitely started putting on an act in interviews by early 2009 and didn’t have the same chill/casual vibe that she had in 2008).

    the most perplexing one to me is still her 2012/2013 accent that made her sound like English wasn’t her native language at times dd.

    Yeah I agree, it almost sounds a bit Yatty?
    It really came through here dd
  15. I'm obsessed with her 2012 British-Turkish-Sue Mengers accent to this day dd. Very MDNA Skin
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  16. Her voice and accent changing as soon as touches down anywhere in Europe will never get old.
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  17. This is the accent she ended up talking about on Little Monsters and said it comes out when she goes to Europe. I think part of it is the actress in her and she plays these "characters" depending on the audience. It's very interesting.
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  18. Her saying, 'ít thwás hāndT māydte' about the fiber optic wig makes me chuckle every time.
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  19. Her inventing fiber optics. Pretty iconic.

    Speaking of another Lady Gaga invention (music), apparently a new vinyl of 'Born This Way' is coming with a picture disc and possible different color variants?

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