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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It's copypasta ready.
  2. I don't. Makeup is heavily influencer... influenced. Haus Labs sends out generous PR packages and has a whole slew of influencers who get PR from her. That helps tremendously. I've seen her products featured in videos a ton.
    Jessica Alba has done collabs on youtube, i'm sure sends out PR, and is also really appealing to middle aged women who want to shop a "clean" line. She's promoted it really well.

    Flower... Sure they're available in walmarts and whatnot but no one on youtube is getting sent Flower to show off in videos. That's just how things get advertised and sold to people these days.
  3. I’m honestly shook that makeup consumers are so celebrity-based? I mean, the Reason to Believe doesn’t feel so convincing to me. Lady Gaga has had incredible beauty moments in the past, but logically, I’d think that was a result of very expensive and experienced stylists. I’m convinced Gaga can hire those, I wouldn’t be necessarily convinced she knows how to make quality makeup ddd but obviously, I’m just not the target market.
  4. Really? I feel like it’s no different than a celebrity simply being the face of something, a marketing practice that goes back several decades. It’s the next step up from celebs launching fragrances every 3 minutes in the 2000s. Nobody believes they’re in a lab creating these themselves, but it’s still extremely profitable.
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  5. Yeah, I really tend to think the "Oh, they probably photoshopped that" or "That's not all they do to achieve that look!" is the predominant narrative now (at least, among the GP) so figures like these always jump out to me.
  6. ‘Friends say she’s drinking again’
  7. Not to rehash my last post too much. But while the usually retouched photography does bring some people in to buy a product, It's mostly the youtubers (and tiktokers as of late) that draw people in to buy things. And with that, there's no photoshop, you can see how the products perform right in the video. Which is why brands like hers sending out PR packages with all the products in it to those influencers is key to growing her business.

    I do think her pretending to be really into her products on instagram is really funny though, as she probably can't be bothered to do all that for any reason other than money. But. Capitalism, I don't know.
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  8. It pains me that this is the only live performance we have of the song.

  9. Honestly, this is my favorite song from the debut. Such a classic summer anthem.
  10. I will not know peace until we get an I Like It Rough performance.
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  11. 'Cause it's a hard life with love in the world
    And I'm a hard girl, loving me is like straightening curls

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  12. Wait, what? She's clearly very passionate about this, much to the chagrin of her fans. We've seen how she reacts to or promotes things she's doing for the money and it's not this. She can be passionate about her little makeup things and love that it's bringing in the big bucks too.
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  13. Haus Labs having more dedicated posts doesn’t necessarily indicate passion to me. Not saying she isn’t, or else she wouldn’t be signing off, but there’s little to no personality or engagement behind the posts that are made on her accounts. It’s typical influencer fluff. That’s kind of why I can’t even be bothered to be upset about Haus Labs, because it’s the same level of effort she’s currently putting into everything else. I feel like if she were at all connected to her social media these days this wouldn’t be the case, but it is what it is.
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  14. I mean, I think she's passionate about it in the way that she was passionate about the first fragrance. I guess "pretending" wasn't the right word. It's just her in business mode that amuses me. But, she still hates social media, so her coming on to talk about her line is forced to some extent. It's like she knows she has to post about it because like, it's her job. But she hates posting things.
  15. Stanning a main pop girl who hates posting contents on social media in 2021 is a new kind of hell.
  16. While what happened to Britney has taught me to never judge a popstar's actions because you never really know what's happening behind the scenes, I wish Gaga wasn't so extreme in swinging from a co-dependent relationship with the fandom to a complete hatred of it.
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  17. Where did this notion that she hates the Little Monsters come from? I missed the memo, it seems.
  18. She doesn't, she's just not nearly as involved with them online as she used to be - which is completely understandable because at a certain point I think she realized how unhealthy it was/became, but as I've said many times, it would be nice if she found a middle ground between her 2008-2015 social media presence and the more detached way she approaches it currently.
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  19. Not all her Instagram comments being call-outs to Free Britney...
  20. I read that Plastic Doll is about Little Monsters. And Fun Tonight. And Replay.

    Yes, I'm being facetious. Well, sort of.
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