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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Stanning a main pop girl who hates posting contents on social media in 2021 is a new kind of hell.
  2. While what happened to Britney has taught me to never judge a popstar's actions because you never really know what's happening behind the scenes, I wish Gaga wasn't so extreme in swinging from a co-dependent relationship with the fandom to a complete hatred of it.
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  3. Where did this notion that she hates the Little Monsters come from? I missed the memo, it seems.
  4. She doesn't, she's just not nearly as involved with them online as she used to be - which is completely understandable because at a certain point I think she realized how unhealthy it was/became, but as I've said many times, it would be nice if she found a middle ground between her 2008-2015 social media presence and the more detached way she approaches it currently.
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  5. Not all her Instagram comments being call-outs to Free Britney...
  6. I read that Plastic Doll is about Little Monsters. And Fun Tonight. And Replay.

    Yes, I'm being facetious. Well, sort of.
  7. Plastic Doll sounds like it's about the public in general, but I've always thought it's very much about the fans.
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  8. I mean it's all very much open to interpretation but she talked a lot about resenting her persona and the ownership the public/the fans have over it during the little promo we got for the album so it's not a huge leap.
  9. It was an orchestrated campaign. It's frustrating because I'm trying to find evidence of Gaga having this alleged business connection to Lou or Rob Taylor, and I can't find it, so I'm not willing to read into it. However, Bobby is mutuals with Lou and is close friends with Sam Ashgari.
  10. "little monsters torture meeeehh little monsters torture mayyyyhh"

    I legit hear this.
  11. I remember when we were saying she doesn't really celebrate anniversaries ":)"
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  12. RMK


    Only the important ones.
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  13. It gives me that buzz
  14. What in the Monat consultant is this poster
  15. Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-18 um 22.23.32.png
    I would not be here for that.
  16. Now I'm imagining Lady Gaga feat. Måneskin (or vice-versa) and it actually makes a lot of sense.
  17. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily salivate for a metal Gaga album, but a stadium rock, shoegaze-y leaning album? Yes ma’am.
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  18. This is quite literally what I need from Gaga!

    More songs like Diamond Heart, Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, You and I, Million Reasons, Speechless her cover of What's Up and the piano versions of everything - Stupid Love, Born This Way, etc. please!

    Would love her Heart of Stone moment. Not sure about metal though as I'm unfamiliar with that genre.

    Along with some more classic rock/singer songwriter moments like

    Would also love her to explore a funk/disco sound (again, don't know tons about these "genres" or if that's even accurate but I love these sounds from her)

    ^ but I think that could exist on the same record. Please give Mark a call!
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