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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. A rock album from THE Lady Gaga is so long overdue honestly. She has been calling herself a rockstar since the very beginning of her career so it's about time you give us that ROCKSTAR magnum opus sis. LG7 being stadium rock with 1-3 ballads is a dream of mine. Now that pop-rock seems to be the next thing, I really want her to go down that road. Hopefully not too late lol.

    This is exactly what I wanted for Chromatica. I'm still kinda pressed she wasn't on Late Night Feelings too.
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  2. I'd love an album spanning various sub-genres and flavors of rock, from Cher-like power ballads to batshit nu-metal.
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  3. Yes to all of this. Her and Mark clashing disco, funk and stadium rock with some metal influences peppered over it all… Give me that thing Funk the Punk opus that I love.
  4. Her voice is literally made for doing rock/metal

  5. With that being said - I love moments like Do What U Want, The Cure, Heal Me, Love Me Right and wouldn't mind her exploring pop with r&b, 90's influences either.
  6. I don’t trust her taste at all to be able to pull off any giant rock/metal opus. The stadium rock elements only worked within the world of Born This Way because of how cheesy they were and it fitting with the ‘be true to yourself’ narrative, and obviously backed by face pummelling synths (tone those down and you’d be left with a set of MANiCUREs).

    Feel like her vision would just be another generic album by The Pretty Reckless and I’d unstan instantly.
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  7. I think she could write a handful of stadium rock ballads and serve her own Scorpions/Heart/Bon Jovi fantasy in her sleep teebs. That’s as cheesy as stadium rock gets and that’s what I want.
  8. I love her so much but I do feel she has a tendency of going very... ""caricatural"" with music genres. Like, it works when she's trying to pull thousand different things into one song (most of Born This Way) because it feels very unique and a blend, but when she's trying to streamline and make it "rock" or "dance!" or "pop" or whatever... you end up with some stuff from A Star Is Born and Chromatica.

    These are like, fun, but not really something I'd look forward as a full-record.

    Sometimes I still pray she'll meet Kevin Parker again and they'll work on some stuff from scratch.
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  9. "I hope she works with Mark/Kevin again" is becoming the new "I hope RedOne produced some tracks on her next album" and I'm here for it. We should manifest it girlies.
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  10. RMK


    I feel by next year I'll be returning to Born This Way and ARTPOP more than Joanne or Chromatica, so if any past collaborator should comeback I'd say DJ White Shadow is always welcome.
  11. 100% would be here for a Rock album along the lines of Diamond Heart.
  12. I'd be here for stadium rock influences, though Born This Way kinda mashed that (and metal and electronic) up perfectly.

    I'd also be interested in her take on a minimal/ist electronic song. See:

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  13. I would ascend if she ever gave us her very own Currents-style woozy psychedelic acid rock opus
  14. I always thought she has actually a great voice for hard rock / industrial rock. Visually she can also camp it up a little bit. (Cherry Pie, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Black album era Metallica etc)

    I also know she worked with Josh Homme in Joanne and some of his material, i can see her knocking out of the park, like imagine on her something like Crawl Home or I Wanna Make It Witchu

    Also, please cover this lost classic qween!
  15. I hope we get a live stream/recording of the Jazz & Piano show somehow.
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  16. we should be getting a first look at the gucci trailer soon, right?
  17. Probably not.
  18. I think we can expect it soon, actually. The director's other film (out in October) trailer went live today.

    We can probably expect at least a teaser in a month or so as the promo circuit will be in full-force by October.
  19. I am here for a dancey rock album from Gaga, especially after her return to dance music didn't quite land with the force I wanted it to.
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