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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Subwaykid

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    I feel like films that front load their campaigns with ACADEMY AWARD WINNER title sequences always end up flopping at the Oscars but I’m not here for awards this time I’m here for camp.
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  2. The lewk and accent serving me this

    which is not a complaint I must add
  3. I’ll be curious to hear who she’s working with as an acting coach on this since she was so appreciative of her work with Elizabeth Kemp on A Star is Born and expressed her appreciation after her passing and throughout the campaign. Working with someone of her stature seemed to further established her legitimacy as an actor in industry circles, so I’d be surprised if she went without someone through this project.
  4. All this talk of accents and no one is bringing up Jared Leto's?

  5. Because we avoid Jarred Lettuce no?
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  6. That "I cooka da pizza" dialect he's using feels impossible to avoid
  7. The trailer is high camp and I love it.
  8. Something about the trailer reads more Oliver Stone than Ridley Scott, and I am intrigued.
  9. She's feeling her Italian oats dd
  10. Dddd the Oscar Buzz feels entirely unwarranted but that is somehow MORE camp?!
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  11. The Mario feature at the Olympics now makes total sense. I feel we are robbed of a high camp moment.

    "It’s-a-me, Gaga"
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  12. I'm so excited for her to talk about being Italian even more intensely than she normally does during every interview. And she'll extra ham it up because she knows her fans always have a chuckle about it normally anyways.
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  13. It's-a-me, Steeeeeeeeeee-faniiiiiiii!
  14. I’m ready for ‘there can be 100 Italians in the room’ 2021.
  15. It's giving me d r a m a t i c s which I live for. She knew exactly what she was doing accepting this role.

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  16. When I saw him in the trailer I instantly thought to myself: Damn, Mario looks rough. Tell me, what happened to him, Luigi? Give him his cap back.
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  17. It's the aggressive smacking of the dry as a bone teaspoon for me.
  18. She's Italian.
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