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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I always feel so much better seeing her step out for 15 feet in a look on her way to the car in NYC.
    Sad we don't get that in Malibu.
  2. The way she’s straight back into fun, striking couture seems like a conscious, derisive shrugging away of that um, last album.

    She’s looking amazing.
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  3. She looks so good in that Valentino look. Also… I’m sure if she was in NYC and there wasn’t a pandemic last year, we would have seen a ton of good/bad/interesting fashion looks related to the album a lot of people don’t necessarily love.
  4. She served look after look during Cheek to Cheek and the ASIB era as well. Her mood and desire to do things like this change depending on what she’s doing, it seems. Whatever she’s been doing lately is clearly re-energizing her, which I’m happy to see after how hard she was impacted by the disaster that was 2020.
  5. Yeah being able to go outdoors and actually have things to do safely outside the house can really do wonders for a person.
    It's nice to see her be able to go do things again -- and not because "Yay she's shrugging off the last album" but because we're not in a strictly quarantined crisis now. I don't think this has to do with her enjoying what she's working on now more than when she was coming out with Chromatica. I just think that the world we're living in now is a bit different than a year ago and actually let's her have things to do out and about. We would've also gotten these fashionable "Gaga" type moments had she not been locked away in her home last year.
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  6. It's always is nice to hear from people again and again over the years about how kind and open she is to them. Glad that's continued and that she had a good time filming, i'm sure it'll show in the final work.
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  7. RJF


    Do y’all ever get tired of defending her with things she possibly potentially maybe might have done… but didn’t?
  8. When it comes to someone's idea that she is choosing to have these fashion moments in NYC now to consciously shrug off the last album- which is as much of an assumption as "She would've had door-to-car fashion moments like these had it not been a pandemic", No, I don't get tired of it. It's just two sides of our making assumptions coin.
  9. She's feeding the Monsters like it's 2009 and I am LIVING.
  10. RJF


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  11. Look at you, defending things you might have possibly potentially done. See, we all do it.

  12. I have no idea what's going on tho ddd
  13. Did anyone try the Italian accent? I thought the Russian accent was lovely.
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    I mean sis, my stance on Dua at the time and now remains that if you wanna unstan celebrities for travelling in the past year, you're... going to be left with no faves. From what I remember the biggest time that came to a head was when I pointed out all the other popstars on vacation or without masks or in rooms with fifty people, only to get, "But it's okay when my fave does it!" in response. I think I even dragged Dua in the process of that whole episode? So I think we're at least on the same page here. More recently I took issue when people were frothing at the mouth to cancel her when she hadn't responded to DaBaby's hate speech two minutes after he did it.

    As far as I can remember, my stance with Billie recently has been, "These songs are good, I don't get everyone's issue." which... has been vindicated this week.

    Someone saying, "Wow, her fashion has been so good this week! So refreshing after last year!" does not require someone to go, "UM EXCUSE ME, you don't know what she would have done IF she had been in New York in 2020 and IF there hadn't been a pandemic! The outfits I'm imagining are sickening and she's slaying in an alternate reality!" Like, you can't defend the reality with a fantasy, which is generally accepted as... just how the world works. So I'm not sure what the problem is outside of you having an axe to grind with me for a while now.
    ...where exactly did you lose the strands of this conversation.
  15. [​IMG]

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  16. Have we discussed that Ticketmaster US and Canada is offering a refund for the Chromatica Ball if you can‘t make it to a show in 2022 but only until end of this month.

    Have they even anounced the new dates?
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  17. R92


    I wouldn't consider @RJF a particularly ethical poster... but he is fair.
  18. Yes, on the Jokatica Ball thread.
    Good for people that need a refund now and good for LN to offer them again. When the new ones are announced, they will have to offer them again anyway.
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  19. bye
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