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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. We've been quite busy with Dawn of Chromatica lately but "Top Gun" got postponed again to May 2022. Of course she has to be attached to it. It's kind of funny at this point:

    Not really complaining though. We already have enough material to keep us fed and busy this year. The song category will also be a bloodbath at the 2021 Oscars with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Billie Eilish, Ben Platt, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé being some of the contenders. So maybe it's for the best dd.
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  2. I got recommended this on YouTube today, fun watch
  3. Will Billie even be eligible when the song came out in 2020?
  4. I am not sure they are gunning (get it?) for this to get a best song nomination.
  5. Songs are eligible when the movie they are written for come out. The Bond film is supposed to be released this month so yes it is. If the movie somehow gets pushed back to next year, the song will be eligible for the 2023 ceremony dd.
  6. RMK


    If they don't eventually move Born This Way - 10th Anniversary and the Dawn of Chromatica to the compilations section of her Spotify...
  7. What song is Ariana up for consideration for?
  8. She did a song with Kid Cudi for Netflix's 'Don't Look Up'
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  9. 5 whole years.
    Happy Birthday to her best song lead single!
    More of this energy for LG7, please.

  10. And it’s hilarious.
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  11. The way we got that banger of a lead single and then that album though.

    I was working at Hugo Boss at the time and put Joanne on hoping it would liven the place up, it sent me to sleep ddd.

    I do love a bit of John Wayne from time to time though.
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  12. Joanne is a fantastic album.
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  13. SMG


    Her best lead, one of her best videos, her second best album, her best styling. What an era.
  14. Perfect Illusion is a banger and a great song… but this “best lead” nonsense again? Babble on, I guess x
  15. R92


    Not five years...

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  17. Agreed
  18. RJF


    Her last big, bold creative move tbh.
  19. Perfect Illusion was an absolute fucking home run. What a moment.
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  20. Sam


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