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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The part in the new Gucci trailer where she asks, "Protected from WHO?"

    And then does a shimmy strut...

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  2. HMD


    Can’t wait for House of Gucci! So excited!
  3. She’s about to start a feud with this woman dd

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  4. This press tour is already providing the kiis

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  5. I’ve missed this kind of Gaga.
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  6. It actually wouldn't surprise me if she introduced herself to the rest of the cast as Stefani

  7. Screaming at these. Not too much now Gags!!
  8. [​IMG]
    She knows she's out of prison, right?!
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  9. “Yes. I lived as Patrizia Reggiani for eight months. In a way, you could say I lived as Patrizia Reggiani for much longer than that, even before Ridley called me, because I found she’s always been here, deep inside my green white red Italian cuore. It's funny actually, I hadn’t seen my father for months while I was preparing for the role and when we finally met and he said hi, I recoiled in fright and shouted: ‘E chi saresti te? Ma vedi d’annattene, a buzzicone! Carabbinieriiii! Carabbinieri!!!’

    - Right, but why would Reggiani speak like a borgatara from the periphery of Rome when she is an upper-class socialite from the North?

    - You see, I approached the character as if I were a journalist, an academic, a magician, a seer. I didn't let anything or anyone dictate what Patrizia should or shouldn't be. Not geography, not politics, not the numerous socio-cultural abysses inside the Italian Republic, which I studied thoroughly for eighteen months only to deliberately do no justice to. Because Patrizia goes far beyond that, far beyond justice–her only limit is Gucci's fashion archive. I had no indication that Patrizia was sexually crazy for showman and clarinet extraordinaire Renzo Arbore. Yet, I masturbated to old episodes of Indietro Tutta on every night for the thirteen months I lived as her. I haven’t been able to listen to “Cacao Meravigliao” without a change of panties ready to go since. And please don’t get me, by which I mean Patrizia, started on Nino Frassica’s calembours…

    - Could you say something in Italian?

    - Yes. Buongiorna.

    - Your accent work in the movie is remarkable. You claim to have studied both the specific dialect of Vignola in provincia di Modena and the speech patterns of the Northern Italian upper class in order to match Reggiani's own voice but most native speakers of Italian agree in finding a peculiar... Slavic flavour to the character's accent, very Russian, very Svetlana Angelovna Germanotsky, very I must fight the urge to lubricate your throat with mineral oil because the lack of flow is like the gearwheels of a Soviet machine rubbing against one another. Could you explain that?

    - You see, besides the fact I couldn't let Italian phonology tell me what the language is supposed to sound or not sound like, funny you should mention Vignola. As everyone knows, Vignola is renowned for its delicious PDO cherries, or as we Italians say, cheelehegeeayey. I took my character so seriously that I ate no less than 4 kilograms of Vignola cherries every day for the fifteen months of my Patrizianess. I'm proud to say the resulting diarrhea felt very authentic–both to the character and the land of my ancestors. Oh, and sorry for using the metric system instead of imperial units. I must: it’s to honor the character. Honoring my Italian ancestry is all I aimed to do with this movie.

    - But weren't your ancestors semi-literate Sicilian proletarians so far removed in time and space from the Gucci family that they might have very well been from different planets, let alone countries? Didn’t your ancestors believe one shouldn't kill a snake if it's curled inside a rosemary bush because it could be a good-evil unwinged fairy in disguise? Didn't they have to borrow shoes before leaving for America because they didn't even have those? Like, the first generation to actually speak Italian as its first language was the one of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren. What do they share with a murderous millionaire from a century later and the polar opposite of the country?

    Gaga pauses for a moment. "Oh, EVERYTHING", she erupts. "And sorry for erupting," she adds. "I can't help it. You see, I'm like the Etna. I’m just too siciliana.”
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  10. Her dragging Patrizia like that is so funny dd.
  11. Gaga knows this woman had someone killed but she’s still going all in on her. The bravery.
  12. Oh my GOD
  13. As usual, I religiously love every single word you post, but the way I'm hollering at this, you beast.
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  14. Framing this.
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  15. RJF


    Good night.
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  16. Bye
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  17. Now i'd like to interview you and your acting in the writing of this interview. How many months did you study Gaga's accent? I'm dead.
  18. Embarrassed that it wasn’t until I was halfway through that I realized…
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  19. The way I believed this until “diarrhea felt very authentic”. Bravo!
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