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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. She looks incredible at the moment
  2. Edu


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  3. Sure grandma, let's get you to bed
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  4. I mean, in terms of the reviews part she isn't necessarily wrong. Between Gaga and Katy I feel like the press had knives out for both of them as soon as their respective eras were announced in 2013
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  5. This is wild considering how chummy she’s been with Bradley and Robert Rodriguez.
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  6. RJF


    Critics = the fags that have worked their way up to writing Buzzfeed articles in 2021.
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  7. Gaga relieved knowing she can stop pretending ARTPOP isn’t her favorite album
  8. She might not necessarily mean people she has worked with, but it does sound like it. I really don't think that comment was aimed at them though.

    Edit- Sorry I think I misread your post, I'm talking about the bit where she says they love themselves
  9. The Artpop era really scarred her for life didn't it? I wish she could see that the album always was just a perfectly solid, cute lil pop album and was accepted as such by the audience it was intended for, and everything surrounding it was kind of... separate and a different conversation to be had regarding things like how women are treated in pop, the idea of "overexposure" and even things that were her own making. I'm surprised she even wants to constantly draw attention back to some of that mess. Her relentless campaigning for the record as some misunderstood gem is tiring.

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  10. This particular quote feels a choice in the grand scheme of where we stand but… I’m happy for her, and I hope whatever shook loose in her lately stays that way.
  11. The “freedom of speech” part of her ARTPOP quote is truly sending me right back to this

  12. Oof I was not expecting more ARTPOP discourse from her!

    I kinda get her frustration in that quote. The Angela Cheng thing was posting straight up made up lies, and there were some actual more well known sites that took what they posted as fact, and cited it (the $25 million dollar Interscope loss thing, mainly)
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  13. So she does remember ARTPOP, kii.
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  15. Sorry to double post but this is going to be epic....
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  16. “I hope your prostitution have worked!” never fails to take me to another plane.
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  17. [​IMG]
    She's coming to serve when the Graham Norton show airs tomorrow night.
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  18. HMD


  19. ARTPOP is so good. The last Gaga album without a track that bores me.
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  20. Am I really late to the party, or has the Dolly Atmos version of Chromatica on Apple Music always listed her as Lady GaGa? Made me giggle when I saw her name shift to Gaga when I turned Atmos off.
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