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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RMK


    Amazing. Definitely have been seeing the callbacks to 2010/11 fashion with some of her looks, sort of showcasing signature Gaga to highlight the differences from her role. She was been giving me a slightly more anxious vibe in some of the early interviews, so I hope she's getting into the swing of it now and feeling better.
  2. Her promo looks have truly cushioned my fall into this-time-of-year depression. I am nothing but a faggot huh.
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  3. Is the promo perhaps moving to Germany next week, do we know @mindtrappa
  4. I believe she's going to New York and then LA
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  5. My discerning filmmaker friend saw House of Gucci this week and said the movie is pretty lousy but Gaga is absolutely phenomenal—and he's never been a fan of hers in any respect before. That largely sounds like a win to me!
  6. Even if the film isn't great, The campiness of Gaga's role will be cherished by the gays for forever, i'm sure.
  7. Her hair looks SO good down


    New Gucci clip
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  8. This Distruttore di Cazzi drag is everything.
  9. All these press looks just remind me how much I long for the idea of an era with the 90s supermodel glam she’s toyed with a couple of times.

  10. Not using Eli Linnetz' creative direction/photography for an actual album campaign is one of the biggest missteps she's ever made and I hope that she can correct the oversight someday soon.

  11. Imagine your career being so iconic and legendary that even you cry watching it back. Legend things!
  12. Her immediately bopping once they made it past the Fame era. Sis just retire those songs for a tour it’ll be fine.
  13. Her face, as she had to sit through Telephone was hilarious. The hatred was clear.

    What a career! She’s done so much, she is so incredibly talented and deserves every bit of the success she has achieved.
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  14. Truly. She looked like she wanted to crawl under her chair up until they got to "Rain On Me". Also the way she visibly started to lose it when "Million Reasons" and "Shallow" hit, whew
  15. Dddd will it? It'll be fine for die hard fans. But if the hits on a setlist start with the Born This Way album then you've got

    Born This Way
    Edge of Glory
    You and I
    Million Reasons
    Stupid Love
    Rain On Me

    Sally McGeneralpublic ain't gonna be here for that. That eliminates about half her hits. She wants Just Dance and Bad Romance. Rather than stop performing them she needs to take a cue from Madonna and Britney and successfully reimagine them.
  16. I've said it a million times but I really hope she gets over whatever is stopping her from doing this, especially since the last time it happened was over a decade ago at this point.
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  17. Her bopping to Rain On Me was so cute (and relatable).
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  18. As much shit as I give her sometimes… that’s my mother and I love her and I’m crying too.
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  19. I actually think she was keeping it together and playing humble until Rain On Me and after that started bopping.
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