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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Nn the streak of amazing looks coming to a screeching halt tonight. It’s not my fave if it’s not chaotic.
  2. This is the worst of her looks lately... She clearly hates LA the most.
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  3. Gaga says she'd collab with Britney
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  4. The best part of this whole press tour is the rift between Gaga giving HIGH DRAMA GLAMOUR PUSS BOOT THE HOUSE DOWN MAMA WIG and Adam in a frumpy badly cut suit.
    The contrast really heightens the campery of it all.
  5. She should have started stanning for “Unusual You” again
  6. I love Kitty Scott Claws.
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  7. Saw the movie last night, I really enjoyed it (although it does feel a bit long) and she was the stand out for me along with Al Pacino. The Soundtrack was very good, overall a great melodrama.
  8. I hope she's in like 85% of the scenes, because my short attention span ass is going to have hard time sitting through a 3-hour long movie dd.
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  9. Bring back the 90 minute feature, I am begging the movie industry.
  10. She's probably in 80-ish percent of the film but there is quite a bit of the middle where she feels absent if you're just watching for her.
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  11. Dd I was mostly being petty, I will watch anyway! But thanks for the info sis, it actually doesn’t sound too bad, all things considered.
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  12. It's giving

    Filler is the stuff that fades after a while, right?
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  13. Some club playing Alice right now....
  14. Damn oops I did it again? She really sounds like my grandmother when she pretend to know what her nephews are talking about
  15. OMG I LOVE that reporter! He sounds so much like Grover from Sesame Street and I also love that he’s a good sport about it too:

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  16. She looks so beautiful, damn.
  17. Is the Alison Hammond interview being aired next week?
  18. Love to see it!
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  19. Embargo has lifted. Full length reviews should start rolling in now

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