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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Too many good memes today
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  2. The movie was great! It is a little long and after awhile you do feel the pacing slug a bit. Gaga’s and Jared’s interactions were a treat and some of my favorite moments.
  3. The sex scene is such a scream.
  4. I think spoiler tags should still be used, no?

    I just got out of my session here. It's a good movie, but I don't think it would interest me if it wasn't for Gaga. Like the critics said, she's scary good in some scenes and awkward in others, but overall I think she did a good job making the character charming and able to be rooted for.

    I still think all this Best Actress talk is way too much and a disservice to her trajectory as an actress, and only makes non-stans resent her. She should not be getting these nominations now when she's doing a just fine job and still improving. You can clearly tell there's a difference in her level vs her co-stars, but she will be great in the future I'm sure of it.
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  5. I found her pretty terrific to be honest.

    I think the main issue with the movie is the pacing and directing. It starts all camp and funny. Gaga UNDERSTOOD the assignment. Then it starts to morph into something more serious and focused on the family+business drama, and the focus changes from Patrizia to Maurizio. I don't think Adam really held it well. Feels very... faceless. And when the movies tries to hit the "drama spot" it almost gets there, but then it doesn't.

    Still, Al Pacino and Gaga are terrific. They work sooooo well together. Leto feels very... comic relief. And they didn't need it here dd.

    I think the more dramatic moments in A Star Is Born were a little stronger, but mainly because it had some ~naivety. Here she's shining while being manipulative and astute, but then it feels a bit flat when she's on her knees begging him to come back home (even if she's using their daughter as a leverage)

    The whole Oscar talk is a bit unpredictable but tbh we know it's all about campaign. She's also under "Album Of The Year" at the Grammys mostly because it's Bennett's last album. If she's willing to give sweat, blood and tears to impress people and convince them that she deserves the Oscar... Good for her. That's an actress within an actress dd.
  6. She's by far the best thing about the movie. She has this ability to suddenly appear disarmingly beautiful and vulnerable that I think helps the audience forge a connection with her early on in the film. She also does this in A Star Is Born. There were 2 instances where I thought her accent slipped but otherwise she exceeded my expectations

    As for the actual movie, it was so long yet there weren't enough scenes that explained what was going on and there was hardly any character insight or development.
  7. Someone I follow said Jared Leto was the best part of the movie and I'm not sure if they intended to be shady but...
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  8. She was absolutely the best part of the movie. I thought she did a great job at straying the line between being a camp villain and showing real vulnerability.

    Her accent was kind of a mess but it added to the camp factor more than anything. Every scene between her and Salma Hayek had me screaming.

    I agree that the pacing was a mess though. As soon as Patrizia left the ski resort, it started to drag and then the ending was kinda abrupt. The movie manages to be too long while also feeling like it was missing scenes. I feel like they should've spent way more time focusing on the aftermath of the murder.

    Honestly, Jared nailed the role for better or worse nn. I think Gaga was my personal favorite in the end but he unfortunately did great.
  9. I'm taking my mom to see this tomorrow and we can't wait. I'm so excited to take my second favorite person to see my first favorite person!
  10. I took 7 friends with me to see the film and although it's lenght we were very entertained the whole time.

    The movie itself is way funnier than I expected it to be, has a great cinematography but the editing seemed a bit off here and there. It also has very well used soundtrack. What really carries the whole piece are the actors. Gaga is just splendid, a true embodiment of one piccola ragazza who just wants to be a part of something bigger so badly it corrupts her mind. Although it has it's flaws I definitely need to see this again. It's a solid 3.6 out of 5 from me.
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  11. I really really loved the movie. She understood the assignment and there is a clear artistic and technical evolution from her role in A Star Is Born.

  12. This was cute
  13. I wish they had her look at more than 4 tweets, but this was funny
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  14. I know it’s from a different perspective when it’s her own work but it would be nice to see her have some fun like this on the next album campaign trail. She’s done a couple of different interviews and features than she typically does, and the tone just feel much lighter and more fun than usual. I think to see her have fun in general is basically where some of us are at?
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  15. Yeah, especially since ARTPOP, Joanne, and Chromatica all had very dark origins. And that’s not to say that she shouldn’t speak about her pain, but it’s basically like what her grandma said in Five Foot Two about her not letting that pain dampen her joy either. I get the sense that she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be happy or have fun, and that’s such a massive weight on anyone. These sort of frivolous (for lack of a better word) interviews would help keep a balance of serious and light in her campaigns.
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  16. The film took in another $3.4 million at the US box office yesterday; its 5-day weekend opening is now revised up to a hugely impressive $23m!!

    Again, expectations for adult dramas during the pandemic had the movie tracking at $8-10m back in October, so this feels like overwhelming validation of her box office draw considering how out in front of the film she’s been in promotion. Just wild! She’s really going to have her pick of next film projects, regardless of awards attention.

    And if she does net nominations for the role, she’ll most likely have the highest grossing film in the race considering the small, specialty box office returns of the other likely nominees’ films. That’ll only work in her favor.

    Exciting times! Talent stays winning!
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  17. I'd think an impressive gross will only increase Oscar nomination odds as the Academy is hungry to feel bigger than last year's tiny ceremony and they want any excuse to have stars as top contenders from films that people actually saw.
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  18. I know she does everything in the most earnest way and really takes her work seriously but it feels like she’s finally at the position in her career she’s been working towards. She has that respect she’s always wanted and she’s conquering pretty much every field she steps foot in. The hard slog to get from nothing to all of this is in the rear view mirror and now she can enjoy the benefits.

    That’s not to say it’s time to take her foot off the gas (since we all know how I feel about her doing that), but maybe just to enjoy where she’s at and have some fun with things - she’s more than earned that right. I always think of the early Britney quote about how her work wasn’t meant to be in depth but that didn’t mean she hadn’t worked really hard on it. I hope Gaga can strike more of a line between completely exorcising herself with every project and approaching it from a lighter perspective.
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  19. I'm with you on this sentiment, especially if it leads to her translating that newfound joy into being more adventurous within her music career without any pressures of living up to whatever expectations she feels need to be met (which I think was part of the problem the last time around, among other things, of course).
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  20. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Jared Leto’s performance is an unspeakable sin against the dramatic arts
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