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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. No, but really… it’s been a full decade dd. It’s time to let it go
  2. Sorry 2 this man
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  3. Does she break character here after saying "Green doesn't go with my lipstick"?
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  4. Ha, yes that cut definitely doesn't belong in that scene. They've been quite open about what a laugh they had when filming and how a lot of their stuff was improvised, so that's kind of cute to be honest.
  5. I saw the movie tonight and found it enjoyable but wildly messy. My major takeaway (aside from wondering how no one stopped Jared Leto) was that Gaga is an undeniable movie star. Even when her accent was ridiculous or when the film wasn't living up to its potential in spots, it was impossible to take your eyes off of her. I think she did the most with what was ultimately a mediocre script. I left the theater satisfied in large part due to her and Adam Driver giving truly fun, engaging performances.

  6. Her impact, ten years on!

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  7. First nomination let‘s go

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  8. Just got back from seeing the film, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. Gaga absolutely carries it on her shoulders, and the only times it feels anywhere near the 3 hour runtime is when she's not onscreen. As some have said, it probably could've done with being a miniseries honestly, because the final third does feel like it rushes through a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time but then we wouldn't have a fourth Oscar nomination for Stefani, so who am I to argue?

    And I don't care what anybody says, Jared Leto was amazing and absolutely embodied the role of Chef Boyardee.
  9. Imagine dd

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  10. Yeah I wouldn’t expect a record until 2023 at the earliest. Take your time, by all means.
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  11. “I think this performance was musical in a way” dddd she really said “listen up cig, you’re going to the movies to watch this film and you’re going to like it and be thankful.”
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  12. Honestly, I'm more interested in Gaga the actress right now anyway. I'm totally on board with Gaga doing basic bops, but they need to be better than the ones on Chromatica. So if her hearts not in it, do movies. Besides, her film role choices have been pretty on brand so even if there's no music it still all feels very Lady Gaga Event centric.
  13. RMK


    nn the way she still has to drop the bomb that the Chromatica tour is cancelled. Her eyes at the slightest mention in the BBC interview has been burned into my brain.
  14. The way this R-rated film outgrossed Disney’s newest release yesterday for the #1 slot. Smash smash smash!
  15. It's totally okay if she takes some time from releasing another solo project. Good sis has been having a lot going on lately. As far as my wishes go I would love to see her dig deep into new wave/italo disco/hi-nrg and make it futuristic on her own. But honestly I'm gonna be on board whatever it's gonna be. Just take time and make it good and rich in flavour.
  16. I still dream of Gaga doing a visual album but knowing how she works it could never work out.
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  17. It's a horrific movie, but not because of her. So I consider that a win.
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