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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Please god no. I know it’s almost inevitable and I’m dreading every second of it.
  2. She’d make it so boring nn. Maybe in 2008-2009, but not now.
  3. I feel like her approach to holiday music would be even more anaemic than her take on jazz. No thank you. Let’s keep it moving and actually start pushing the envelope again, Gags.
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  4. A Christmas album?!

    do you all even want to have bops?
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  5. RMK


    My mind goes to her being able to write originals and be the songwriter she genuinely can be. But, it's true that it would probably cut from such a specific cloth as the jazz album nowadays. My brain voluntarily skipped over the thanksgiving specials and Tony collaborations.

  6. yes, and?
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  7. I feel a Lady Gaga Christmas album would probably be very similar to the Gwen Stefani one.
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  8. I'm imagining the female Buble or some light Amy Grant cosplay dd. Never.
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  9. All the Lady Gaga Christmas content I'll ever need. (But yes, I imagine a Christmas album happening sooner or later is sadly inevitable at this point)
  10. A Very Gaga Holiday from 2011 feels like a good guesstimate of what a Gaga Christmas album would sound like, and honestly I'm fine with just having that dd. There are Xmas songs I think she'd sound lovely on, like The Christmas Waltz, but I don't have a burning desire to hear that in reality.
  11. RJF


    I cannot imagine how… boring a Christmas album would be from current Lady Gaga. The crooning. The sanging. The homophobic “legend” features. The self-serious originals because she would see it as a jazz album successor and wouldn’t want to upset the octogenarians’ pacemakers.

    But we might as well get it out the way since it feels like a sad inevitability anyway.
  12. I want to believe she got it out of her system already with the two specials fairly early on in her career, so I'm not especially concerned about a Christmas albourm happening any time soon but never say never, I guess.

    Nobody will ever top this anyway

  13. I choose to exist in the alternate reality where Gargoyle is still in the cultural space to blaze the trail of Halloween albums, making all the other girls thirsty to come up with their own All I Want For Halloween Is You (Satan) or whatever.
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  14. rdp


    A Christmas classic.
  15. How is Cher so iconic????
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  16. Gaga really does have some incredible unreleased songs. No Way? Nothing On (But The Radio)? Earthquake? Bops.
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  17. Kim Petras got there first nn
  18. Even better, the spooky girls who don’t want to support a r*pe apologist would have a more responsible option. Everybody wins!
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  19. A legend portraying a legend, a legend portraying a murderer, and a legend portraying a legend. You do love to see it.
    I think @Applause was thinking in terms of people who are relevant.
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  20. Received my House of Gucci screener today. Now just need to find 3 hours and all the alcohol.
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