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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. All those different singles in different regions at the time were a mess.
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  2. Same chance at being released as the Leighton Meester, Tami Chynn and Livvi Franc albums.
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  3. RMK


    The way they weren't sure between Beautiful Dirty Rich and Poker Face... That's a kii
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  4. Musicland was part of Fever "Funk Demo".

    There are many signs that it is an actual full song, especially since there's a longer snippet and she did small rehearsals using it.

    I think the long way Just Dance took before actually taking off might had them wondering if they should change the sound. Beautiful Dirty Rich was one of the first songs they had (and I believe part of her Demo Tape that actually got her signed?) so... I can see it dd. God Bless electropop making a comeback at the right time.

    The whole single campaign from The Fame is crazy. Reading early Popjustice threads and there are mentions of "The Fame" being released as a single in Oceania.
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  5. Oh definitely not, but would them underperforming have pushed her into The Fame anyway?
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  6. The timeline where Gaga releases The Fame on Def Jam as its initially conceived Scissor Sisters-lite concept before getting dropped and signing with some UK indie where she releases a harder hitting, dancier follow up that is met with critical acclaim, followed by a decade plus of nothing else but festival slots and promises of new music that never come until she finally drops a jazz album made up of original compositions independently.
  7. A kii that could have killed her campaign. Thank fuck for ma ma ma MA.
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  8. Listening to The Fame Monster for the first time in forever

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  9. Well, I have a new appreciation for the meticulous planning of The Fame era. The worldwide singles from The Fame were all perfect choices and I didn’t even like her at the time (granted, I still despise “Just Dance”) but they all had a life of their own that I doubt any other choice would’ve.
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  10. I kind of wish they had released Starstruck instead of Eh Eh, it would have been a bulletproof single run. Eh Eh is fine but Starstruck is pure gold plated banger.
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  11. Rewatched The Monster Ball HBO footage the other night and what a fun lil trip down memory lane. Kind of amazing to see her right on the verge of greatness, on her way to being the biggest pop star in the world in just a moment. It's a shame we never got footage of the other tours because again while it is a very enjoyable watch her performance style still a little raw and I'd just love to be able to see how she's grown over the years.
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  12. It's pretty much criminal that her shows are such a huge part of her brand, yet there's so little attention paid to getting live releases out unless it's jazz related. I think the last official pop release was iTunes Festival DVD that was included in the deluxe edition of ARTPOP in 2013?
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  13. I can't believe The Born this Way Ball, the most ambitious and bonkers pop spectacle of the past 30 years has never seen the light of day as an official release. Criminal.
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  14. Untrue.
  15. Agreed. Thank goodness for this wonderful series of fan edits that at least makes thoughtful use of the YouTube footage available to us.

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  16. RMK


    Not seeing the Joanne Tour on DVD when it's literally the pinnacle of her touring career next to the Monster Ball, before the pandemic and Vegas, has to be one of the biggest missteps.
  17. Wasn’t there insider info that she didn’t like how the artRave footage turned out? Her shows don’t translate well on film/video for me at all. The Monster Ball directed by Laurieann Gibson didn't capture a fraction of the show's lifechanging energy and the masterpiece that is the Born This Way Ball looked like a mess in fan videos
  18. Not that I agree, but all this can be fixed with better planning and a capable company handling directing/editing, which she’s never really done. Her iTunes Festival and Cheek to Cheek concerts were meticulously planned and it shows in the taped versions. I think there’s some huge and wasted potential in how her shows could be transformed for film. Just call up Jonas to work his magic.
  19. If/when she wants to take an extended break from new material, this would be the perfect project to work on while she does so. Releasing a boxset of her performances (including the live audios on streaming) would be fantastic. I imagine the legalities would be a nightmare though.
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  20. Anyone know why Cheek To Cheek isn't on Spotify? Or is this a Greece problem? We had some friends over last night and I played my vinyl copy and he was like 'nice I miss this not being on Spotify' and he was right, it's mostly greyed out bar 5-6 songs.
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