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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


    The way that something quieter than silence followed her question…
  2. I need to get high with her.
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  3. Dd god she’s so awkward. I love it.
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    nn I love her way of calling the edit "brave" to translate into cutting a lot of parts she valued

  5. Gaga thinking and believing she's reinvented acting and is Ingrid Bergman reincarnated and that her work on this changed the course of cinema forever, I don't know a better woman.
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  6. Queen of method acting, Stella Adler whomst
  7. I enjoyed the film but Ridley was correct in not making the running time longer.
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    I don't know one person who wasn't at all bored during the second hour when they honed in on Paulo and Aldo. Even subtracting my own stan-tainted view, it just felt like the run time was long and some of it was inessential. I would've rather seen more of the Patricia and the aftermath, if anything.
  9. The response from every other actress literally being

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  10. I'm losing it at J-Hud's reaction.
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  11. Dddd this reply

  12. Agreed. The film's pacing was dreadful. It could have lost 40 minutes and been a much tighter (and campier) affair. I felt like Gaga and Jared were acting in an entirely different film to the rest of the cast.

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  14. Gaga's commitment to telling blatant lies on the promo circuit will never not be iconic. She's so brazen ddd.

    "I actually didn't eat anything but prawn linguine for six months, even for breakfast, because Salma Hayek in character as her psychic told me that was Patrizia's religion. Even on set, I always had a bowl with me. Often they had to erase that in post; Ridley found it so charming."
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  15. Thing is, I don’t think she’s lying. This isn’t even something she’s doing for the film cycle, she says shit like this constantly. That’s what makes it funnier and far more iconic than if it were her just chatting shit, because she’s 100% serious and doesn’t believe the things she’s saying are maybe a little strange or awkward.
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  16. I mean, this is the woman who said she incubated in the 'vessel' for a week before the 2011 Grammys. None of this is new, she's consistently extra and iconic!
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  17. So the movie finally premiered in my backwoods swamp of a country and lo and behold a straight couple (teens) was seated in the same row I was. They kept TALKING LOUDLY over the dialogue and I kept telling myself, sis don't lose it, don't do it, don't cause a scene, and then I LOST IT when Patrizia and Maurizio were on the boat and the girlfriend loudly proclaimed, "THEY HAVE NO CHEMISTRY!"


    And she did.


    As for the film, I felt the editing and storytelling was kinda off. They had so many unnecessary scenes about the family dynamics (kinda boring) but then they didn't really flesh out how Maurizio was not in love with her anymore, and towards the end, more time could've been spent at the trial. It would've been a more dramatic ending instead of what we got. They had 2 hours plus and that's how they chose to end it.

    Was I entertained? Yes. Was it a good film? No. Was it camp? Yes.

    We need Selma + Gaga as a comedic duo in an espionage or cop thriller type of film. I would watch the shit out of that.
  18. She's always been goofy, I feel like the way she used to talk about Hollywood in her early career with such a "I don't belong there with celebrities. I don't care about celebrities"... Obviously she's had to involve herself in that world. But I love clips like that when it's her and celebs and she's just so comfortable being her weirdo self regardless of how anyone else is behaving. Makes me proud of her because I don't think Gaga 10 years ago could've handled that well. It's endearing and genuine, even though she cracks me up with the stuff that comes out of her mouth.
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