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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The “piano demo” isn’t a demo, although people keep saying that. It’s just a pitch mix that was used and ultimately given to Paris Monroe (?) for her version, which I think has also leaked.
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  2. Im-
    Streets are saying her team got some other Gaga songs too. I need Out of Control and I need the Gaga version.

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  3. Oh god, this is not how I wanted Nothing On to be released.
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  4. Manifesting Text You Pictures (Addison's Version). If Gaga won't do it then someone has to!
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  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The dark, evil energy emanating from this.
  6. Obsessed missed the mark but I'm here for Addison as a pop star, and all the mid 30s gays hating on it but also stanning the likes of Hillary Duff or Ally and AJ should get on board.
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  7. I’m screaming at this is how we’re getting Nothin On (But the Radio)
  8. That’s if Addison’s EP ever sees the light of day.
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  9. A Little Monster got ahold of the Monkey's Paw and wished to have this song officially released.
  10. Dd or this song for that matter. There’s apparently been quite a few people who have had their own go at it over the last several years. Seems cursed.
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  11. Gaga needs to keep it for herself and put it on her own rarities album. That type of project makes more sense for Gaga than just about anyone cuz she has the type of fanbase who would eat that up.
  12. The Middle whomst
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  13. Gaga should donate it to RuPaul since she loves it so much.
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  14. Kind of amazing thinking about it, considering the song itself was written in 2007. A timeless classic.
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  15. This makes Addison Rae getting it even more funny in my eyes because like...what Zoomer is listening to the radio willingly in 2022 ff
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  16. "Cuz I'm just listening to Spotify Radio"
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  17. She should have just let Natalia Kills aka Natalia Noemi Sinclair aka Cruel Youth aka Teddi Sinclair aka Candy Rapper aka Verbalicious aka Natalia Keery-Fisher aka Natalia Cappuccini aka Verse aka Verbz record it.
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  18. Stop this demonic manifestation of the song ever making it out done by someone else now.
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  19. I’m fairly certain this was originally written for Nicole Scherzinger. Just a theory, but that’s a version I want to hear.

  20. What if it’s Patrizia at long last…? She can run but she can’t hide!
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