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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. This pairing of Hilary Duff and Aly&AJ with Addison as if they're comparable seems... sinister but I'll let you have it hihi.
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  2. Comparable in the sense that Addison as a TikTok star couldn't make good pop music like (former) Disney Stars couldn't is what I meant. I don't think Obsessed touches their best work, just an example. You can also be a former Disney/social media star and make shit music, I just think we should give her a chance because a Charli XCX/Benny Blanco EP with Gaga castaways sounds like a pretty great fever dream.

    Maybe TikTok girl isn't a fair comparison to Disney girl since most people accepted Olivia with open arms, and rightly so the music is good. I just hope people don't ignore Addison just because she comes from TikTok, which would be silly when we are fine with people from reality TV, famous families, etc.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. RMK


    That's why it felt so odd for a producer to say? Nothin On But The Radio has her DNA.

    The ghostwriting theory makes sense, because it seems like in the early days her credits were always off. She co-wrote Elevator for PCD, yet she's only credited on the North American edition as a writer and you won't find her name on Spotify or Apple Music.
  5. Gaga having ghostwriters is just a strange concept considering she started out writing for other artists, some of her old records like Money Honey were even originally for other acts.

    Obviously she's had her share of diva moments, such as the "I can't be a copy of J Lo!" saga. I just doubt she didn't touch the record at all if she cut it and asked for it back. Or that she would have ghostwriters when producers say she's generous with credits to them.
  6. All of this concluding with the song being released by Addison Rae would be iconic. Hollywood can't write stories like this!
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    I don't think anyones saying she uses ghostwriters, but that when she started out songwriting she would go uncredited from time to time.
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  8. Right, just the notion of her potentially snatching a credit for Nothing On if Paul's statement was true that she didn't write it. Because leaked docs show she was going to get a split. Which would be disappointing
  9. She did cowrite that, right? Someone change the Wikipedia credits, because she's not there either.
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  10. She looks stunning leaving Jimmy Kimmel tonight

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  11. It’s giving a glamorous version of:
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  12. She looks stunning!
  13. Not me scrolling past that photo thinking it was from 2011 when she decided she wanted to be a Real Housewife.


    Also not mom stanning miss Angeria Paris Van Michaels with an outfit homage!
  14. She looks amazing in those candides…Her hair in the interview on the other hand….

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  15. That's……… depressing :/
  16. She's radiating beauty and superstar energy. She looked so confident and happy too.
    I loved the whole interview.

  17. Look how happy she is to be away from music, aw.
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  18. Without getting too much into the actual truthfulness behind the soundbite, I break out in hives every time she says she wanted to be an actress before she wanted to be a singer. It simply does not make sense with my fantasy and feels unbecoming, coming from the chanteuse who gave us Baptism This Way.
  19. But I believe we've heard her say that since the start of her career though. I think she feels like she has accomplished so much in her music career and acting is like a dream come true for her. I might be in the minority here but I truly love seeing her excitement whenever she talks about acting. I know for sure she's never leaving her pop career even after The-Era-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.
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  20. Yeah, you're probably right, and I enjoy her acting career as well. It's just that recent... events have made it seem as though her acting slayage comes at the expense of her music career, and I just can't wait for whatever she does next on that front to breathe easy.
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