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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Yeah in the context of her musical career being… what it is, the “I wanted to be an actress first” paired with her genuine enthusiasm for it just lands different. It’s natural that things ebb and flow and she’s passionate about something new though. Can you just be passionate about the next record though too pls? x
  2. She looked stunning on Kimmel and the interview was a nice watch, so relaxing to watch her just chat and be personable rather than labor the point of living as Patrizia for 18 months or whatever.
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  3. An album is all on her, from creation to how well it will do to promotion. A film is a well paid gig of 1-2 months of being directed playing someone else, that she then has fun promoting here and there. And she probably has PTSD from the Fame years of promo. Of course she'd enjoy being an actress more.
  4. While I recognize that she likes challenging herself and trying new things I keep wondering if she would really trade being a once in a lifetime popstar for being an ok actress. She's just too good at music to put it on the backburner but obviously, she's the one making the choices in her career.
  5. RMK


    She’s arguably a good actress who will only get better with time? We all prefer her music career being a priority, but her ability as an actress is there. I’d understand the gripe she’s playing a role she directly aligns with in A Star Is Born, but Lady Gaga didn’t roll up to House of Gucci.
  6. Considering she's a good actress she doesn't have to worry about this hypothetical situation.
  7. I kind of see Gaga's acting and music hand in hand. She's been acting in all of her performance art throughout her entire career, it's part of who she is.

    I can see her naturally bouncing back and forth between music and acting in the future, just like she has in the past 4 years....I doubt she'd ever consciously "take an extended break" from one of those things.
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  8. Gaga reached such heights as a popstar very early on, ushering in the digital music/social media era and being embraced by legends, touring stadiums, setting records every month, drawing pandemonium, headlining major events...I legitimately cannot think of anything left as a popstar for her to do? Super Bowl, Grammys, Met Gala, VMAs, sellout shows, Coachella...what's left really? Maybe like The World Cup and Eurovision.

    It makes sense she enjoys these "side" avenues like jazz, acting, business more...because as far as celebrity, music, fashion...there's kind of nowhere left to go? She's even left her mark on Vegas which was essentially the final frontier.
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  9. She already did that with Sine From Above.
  10. Presumably one makes music because they have a passion for it and a desire to keep challenging themselves creatively, not just because of ticket sales and commercial achievements. One may even say the music not the bling.
  11. Missing the point. Clearly it's more exciting to explore acting than check off the list of popstar achievements. She put out an album last year she was passionate about, and challenged her creatively, not her fault fans didn't care because it wasn't poppers o'clock music. Maybe she's just not passionate about RedOne redos.

    Music not the bling was always a cop out. She loves setting records and being an icon. She loves the brand deals too.
  12. My point wasn't a judgement of her acting skills, I'm sure she's good in House of Gucci if the reviews are anything to go by. It's that she's an amazing and incredibly unique popstar as opposed to just another one in a sea of blandly glamorous Hollywood actresses. She's special when she does music.

    I don't understand the argument that she's done everything that can be done as a musician because people like Madonna, Prince etc. who achieved mind boggling things in their careers (arguably even more than Lady Gaga) never stopped creating or lost passion for their craft for over 40 years because I don't think it was ever about money or fame for them, they really were artists. Not saying Gaga isn't an artist but it's weird to see that she's lost the passion for something that seemed so important to her.
  13. Perhaps she could fulfil those stadium dates that she still has our money for?
  14. We lost Kylie and Madonna during their imperial phases when they also decided to prioritise acting. She'll be back.
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  15. I don’t really think it’s weird. Even after ARTPOP she flat out admitted she considered quitting music altogether and that she was over the whole “fashionable robot” thing. And I’m sure the less than warm reception to Joanne by fans, critics, and failing in healing her father’s trauma through that album only added to the resentment she had towards the Lady Gaga persona, because she’s kind of been switched off ever since. Gaga is someone who has always enjoyed the acclaim and approval, and acting is providing that for her right now.
  16. Yeah it feels like she is focused on acting cause that works right now while ARTPOP, Joanne and Chromatica weren‘t universally loved. On the other hand a soundtrack album and another jazz album got the acclaim.

    I guess she feels a bit uninspired right now musically which is fine. She will get her groove back.

    I just wish she would free herself of acclaim and just go for whatever she feels passionate about.
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  17. I would say Chromatica was the most love she got for an album since… The Fame/The Fame Monster? It was also very successful on paper and had acclaim to the point of parody (as much as I love it), but I think she was pretty much checked out before that. But yeah, ARTPOP and Joanne for sure influenced where she is now. The Joanne tour being cancelled especially seemed like the last straw.
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  18. So the actor opposite her for Actors on Actors is going to be…Jake Gyllenhaal?
  19. She won't blame Patrizia for the flies in the room this time
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